Fans shouldn’t boo players on their knees, says Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suddenly made a U-turn on Friday over the stance of an English footballer “kneeling” before the Euro 2020 match.

I started to kneel Symbol of the Black Lives Matter movementCaused by American football player Colin Kaepernick, who adopted his position in protest of police atrocities and racism. Since then, this pose has sparked a backlash from skeptics of the social justice movement.

Johnson has been criticized by the Football Association and its predecessor, Gordon Brown, for not blaming fans for kneeling and booing players at the start of the match. Marcus Rashford, An English soccer player and social activist, said it was the “right thing”.

Earlier in the week, Johnson said he “fully respects the rights of those who choose to protest peacefully and communicate their emotions,” but he did not support the players who adopted the pose. “Kneeling, specifically [he] The emphasis is on action rather than gesture. “

But on Friday, Downing Street said, “The Prime Minister peacefully protests and respects the rights of all who communicate their feelings about injustice,” Johnson said. “Everyone stands behind the team and cheers for them.” I want to support you, not do it. ” ..

Johnson’s position was in contrast to Education Minister Gillian Keegan, who described the pose as “divided.” She told the BBC, “Whether it’s for a statue, it’s a picture of the Queen, whether it’s kneeling, we’re what separates us. It was decided. “

Opposition Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer criticized Johnson on Friday for his previous “leadership failure.” Don’t blame A fan who knelt down and booed the player and accused him of damaging England’s chances at the tournament.

“We should all support them, and all of us in a position to do so should take leadership … When the Prime Minister refused to call for it, he was wrong,” he said. Told the Guardian.

“He didn’t have the courage to shout it, he hedged his bet, and in doing so he was at risk of this competition and undermined the team,” Starmer added. I did.

Fans shouldn’t boo players on their knees, says Boris Johnson

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