Fans of Sister Wives say Meri Brown “looks great” and “looks happy” after the split between Cody and Christine.

Fans of SISTER Wives love the new look of Meri Brown, who claims to “look great” following the split between Kody Brown and Christine Brown.

50-year-old Meri Instagram live video From the night out, fans couldn’t help but spout her new look.


Meri Brown fans think she “looks great”Credit: Instagram @therealmeribrown


Her post comes after Christine Brown splits from Kody BrownCredit: TLC

She joined her friends in the video and showed off their matching takeaway cups.

Mary regularly does Instagram Lives with her friends on Friday night.

In this video, she was in the “Pacific Northwest.”

She told her fans, “If you’re here for something substantive, or something for a particular TV show-like the type that tells everything-you’re not going to find it. I guaranteed.

Fans didn’t seem to care and instead focused on her charming look.

One commentator wrote, “You look beautiful and your smile is perfect for you.”

Another wrote that it was “beautiful.”

Third praise: “I love you new!”

Someone else added: “Merry Christmas. Great”

It was a season of change for Meri and her family.

In addition to Christine Brown’s split from Kody Brown, her daughter Mariah Brown’s partner just came out as a trance.

Not hide

Audrey Chris, who was engaged to Maria in 2019 after two years of dating, Came out in a vulnerable Instagram post to a fan.

After a long break, they wrote: “Hello friends! I’m transgender and synonymous with them / they. I’m still by Audrey.

“I don’t want to hide from the world anymore. I’m very excited! I’m also very scared. I’m afraid of the hatred I receive, what my loved ones say about me, and violence.

“As a white man, the person presenting has many privileges, but I’m still scared.

“I’m so happy that I don’t want to make all this sad! Being completely myself lately has brought me so much joy! For the first time I see my body and I feel free.

“I’m starting to feel more at home. I love being transgender and I love being queer. I’m the same person as yesterday. It may look a little different!

“I am very grateful for transgender medical care. I am so proud of myself that I stopped running away from what I knew about myself for a long time.

“I’m very proud of myself and my journey. I didn’t expect to reach this point.

“I cannot thank the supporters of my life for helping and encouraging me to promote this growth and discovery. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible amount of love and support. .Thank you!

“And thank people on the internet and those who don’t know how openly they live in my life helped me see the light I didn’t know. ..

“Thanks to all the transgender elders, especially the color transgender women, who came before me and paved the way for me to be me openly.

“That’s all for now. I’m on a long apology tour for falling off the surface of the planet for a while. I can’t wait to share it with y’all soon!

“Cheers to my favorite me!

“I love Audrey.”

Mary included a supportive note to Audrey, she will soon be in law, writing “I love you @audreykriss”.

During the move

Mary divorced Kodi in 2014, so she was able to marry her fourth wife, Robin.

She insisted on creating a different “different culture” for her children than she had.

Meri provides insights into how she grew up, saying: Be quiet about who you are, and you just need to stay in this little box. “

She continued: “We tried to create” you can do whatever you want “for our children.

“And Maria is doing that.”

Meri has had a rocky relationship with her husband since the legal division.

The two remained spiritually married after the divorce, which created tension among his other wives.

Christine finally left Kodi in November Several months And a lot of speculation.

She has opened the door to fans after the split and admits She has “good days and bad days”..

But she said she felt “like a much better person” after saying she had stopped it.

Christine Sold her house in ArizonaMove to Utah Duplex for $ 1.1 million near my daughter.


She enjoyed sharing live videos from the night outCredit: Instagram @therealmeribrown


Christine confirmed her division in NovemberCredit: TLC


Many of Kodi’s wives have recently left himCredits: Instagram / christine_brownsw
Meri Brown happiness after split

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Fans of Sister Wives say Meri Brown “looks great” and “looks happy” after the split between Cody and Christine.

Source link Fans of Sister Wives say Meri Brown “looks great” and “looks happy” after the split between Cody and Christine.

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