Fans of Peter Andre can’t believe he looks like his son Jr. in a spectacular 90’s throwback

Mysterious girl singer Peter andre He shared a vintage clip with his 1.7 million Instagram followers, and fans can’t get over how much he looks like his son Jr.

In a short video, you can see Peter being interviewed on a tank of some sort with a white towel around his neck. Presenter, 2005 Love Island Winner Jane Middle MissReflects his look in her own robe when she is joking: “When you are in a tank, you can’t chat with anyone!”

But Pete goes unnoticed and continues to talk about his musical genre. “In America, you’ll find that many swings and many R & B tracks are much slower. Everything is more laid back,” he said in a clip with his signature dark lock clinging to his face. Is called.

Fans loved the clips that commented on how similar he and his son, Jr., were.

One person wrote: “I’m from the 90’s and I absolutely love Pete, but now it’s everything you can see in juniors … @jaynemiddlemiss You were all about me. Pete is the second closest to A1. ”

Peter Andre delighted fans with his Instagram vintage clip

Peter was in some kind of tank when he was interviewed on the Bitonage Clip.

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“Juniors are very similar to you! You can also see the princess in you here,” another person added.@officialjunior_andre It’s his double !! “

Others see the similarity with their 13-year-old daughter, Princess, and write: Image of her dad. “

Peter and Junior Andre
Peter and Junior Andre are like two peas in a pod

Some thought Pete reminded her daughter of the princess.

Junior appears to be following in the footsteps of his father by signing a record deal with Columbia Records.

In an exclusive interview with understood! Pete, along with his wife Emily, said he would “direct” the junior career.

“I’ve been standing next to him all the time and it’s his call!” He explained. “He’s very secretive about his music, but it’s incredible. I’m sure you’ll hear it soon.”

He continued. “Our style is completely different. He appeals to a whole new generation and I appeal to older generations. We do some things together, but later, not now. is.

“I just want to focus on him and get him off the ground and do him. I’m very proud of him.”

Junior seems to be following in the footsteps of his dad

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At the time of signing, Junior thanked his family for their support and wrote: I’ve been busy for the last 6 months. But I’ve loved it every second. My dad took me to the studio 6 months ago and took me to the @ rebelrecs booth.

“Since then, I’ve been secretly working on the MASSIVE project, but not long ago I got a call that @columbiauk wanted to sign me. Thanks to Team @rebelrecs with my dad for growing me. An artist.

“And of course, a big cry to @skartist and @marcellonoego, who are very talented and have worked with me on this project from the beginning.”

“Don’t forget the mother who always supports me. Of course, my family and friends. I love everyone who supports me and I am very excited to be on this trip together. NEW MUSIC COMING SOON !!” “

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Fans of Peter Andre can't believe he looks like his son Jr. in a spectacular 90's throwback

Source link Fans of Peter Andre can't believe he looks like his son Jr. in a spectacular 90's throwback

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