Fans of Faye Winter share a snap of Teddy’s very messy bedroom with her, so find an “adult item”

Love island Fans have found a potentially cheeky item Fay Winters Her latest snap bedroom floor in her home.

Former real estate agent recently moved with his boyfriend Teddy Soares I’m recording their new home on another home’s Instagram, Faye Home.

The 26-year-old fan gave the fan a sense of reality with a snapshot of the messy bedroom the day after he moved.

She writes: “I promised to keep everything a reality with you! This was my bedroom the day after we moved and we got up early and went to shoot.

Faye Winter shares a very nasty bedroom snap when some fans potentially find an “adult item”

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“People are hoping they can move and enter the exhibition hall, that won’t happen! I’m surprised they’re not somewhere in the middle of this piggery! I don’t care about pet pigs. “

Faye continued. “I can’t wait to show you the after-photos in a few weeks, but at first I can’t wait to sleep in the right bed!”

Still, for some time, fans wondered if unstaged snapshots gave fans a little more insight into their lives than the real-life stars intended.

Eagle-eyed followers were distracted by potential adult items on the floor near the bed.

The suspiciously shaped object turned out to be a TV remote control

One fan asked, “Is it a vibrator on the bedroom floor?”

As another replied: “What a hell!”

Faye quickly resolved the confusion about the suspiciously shaped black object and replied: But cry! “

Unfortunately, in addition to the shaped remote control, carry bags, suitcases, chargers, and hair are scattered all over the floor.

Faye and Beautedy moved together earlier this month

Faye’s hair extension is also hung on a chest of drawers, and the couple’s temporary bed (air mattress) is hidden in the back corner.

TV star Moved to their new home this month And Faye began recording their home refurbishment on a new YouTube channel.

The couple said OK! Earlier this month they are just renting because they still didn’t want to promise to buy their own home.

In the first video, Faye invites fans to a real estate tour, and the landlord is “very flexible,” allowing the couple to renovate their home in a space that they admit “requires TLC.” It explains.

Love Island stars are recording improvements in their homes on Faye’s YouTube channel, Faye Home.

Speaking of OK! Former islanders shared more about what will happen on her new channel.

She states: “The Instagram account runs alongside the YouTube channel. It covers me and Teddy’s refurbishment, makes some rooms within budget, and upcycls some things.

“As you know … it will be a bit off the norm for your standard home account because you know what I’m talking about!”

Fay added, “I was going to have fun with the real estate agent I’m familiar with and had a lot of trouble giving up on the show.”

The duo became famous in the summer for ITV’s hit series Love Island and finished in 3rd place.

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Fans of Faye Winter share a snap of Teddy's very messy bedroom with her, so find an "adult item"

Source link Fans of Faye Winter share a snap of Teddy's very messy bedroom with her, so find an "adult item"

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