Fan-led review: Gary Neville predicts football authorities will curb regulatory plans

Gary Neville He fully hopes that football authorities will make every effort to thwart the plans of independent regulators, but warned them.

Chaired by a fan-led review Tracey Crouch With the new regulator at the center of the proposal, it made 47 recommendations aimed at making British football more financially sustainable.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said Thursday morning that the government would, in principle, support such regulators’ ideas and provide a detailed response to the review by the spring of 2022.

Former Manchester United defender Neville, a member of the Save the Beautiful Game Group campaigning for sports reform, predicts resistance from the game’s power corridor.

But he believes that the controversy over Project Big Picture and the European Super League, which led to the government’s review, has lost the trust of game leaders, and British football is in desperate need of a “judgment.” rice field.

He states: “There is no doubt that the Corridor of Power will meet in the coming weeks and plan to submit some proposals. Regulators in the next 12 months – but we are now how you are. I know if you are.

“Your true personality and personality wanted to destroy the pyramid through the Super League and (the clubs involved) through the big picture, through the fact that there is no independence around the acquisition of Saudi Arabia (in Newcastle). It surfaced through the facts.

“We know what you are, you have shown your flaws, you have proved them over a period of 30 to 40 years. They need a referee. They need a referee. Need mediators. They need someone to hit their heads together and bring these highly intelligent and passionate people about football together to work for a wider game. “

Amnesty International states that the review recommendations for appropriate owner and director standards are “uselessly ambiguous” and that the report does not contain specific references to human rights.

Neville defends the proposed owner and board tests, stating:

“As far as I can see, I think she ran into the problem head-on. She didn’t elaborate on what a proper and proper owner would look like, but what she said was It means that an integrity test is needed. “

They need a referee. They need a mediator.They need someone to hit their heads together

British football authority Gary Neville

Introducing the transfer tax proposed in Premier League The club was one of the most eye-catching recommendations.

Neville said Premier League clubs don’t have to be afraid to waste money by the reckless owners of the EFL because of the checks and balances imposed by regulators.

“We expect regulators to fall very sharply when it comes to EFL clubs on financial management, surveillance, tracking and sustainable football,” he said.

“So I didn’t expect enough money to flow from the Premier League into the abyss again.

“This is a real opportunity to be a historic moment to reset the recklessness that existed in the game, rather than chasing the desperate Premier League golden ticket.

“Clubs that leave the Premier League each season are not only disappointed in the sporting sense, but are also almost financially devastating. We need to get rid of it.”

The speed of reforms in British games is now closely monitored, and Shadow Culture Secretary Joe Stevens immediately issued all recommendations to the House of Commons government on Thursday, not only in favor of independent regulators in principle. Encourage them to accept.

Stevens described the suggestions contained in the review as “packages” that had to be accepted together, and warned that “less than that would be a failed job.”

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said:

“But we take the proposals very seriously and are familiar with the emotional strength behind many proposals, but understand that we cannot be 100% committed to every proposal today. I think you can.

“In terms of how we move forward, I’m going to keep pace. I’m meeting with officials this morning, how we can move forward and how fast we can move. We talked about that very item from the perspective of what we could do. Look at this space. “

Fan-led review: Gary Neville predicts football authorities will curb regulatory plans

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