Family receives £ 40m after the death of frontline caregiver Covid

Family NHS When Social care Worker who died in COVID-19 will be paid over £ 40m, but a quarter of the family hasn’t applied yet.

During the pandemic, the minister launched a coronavirus-related life insurance system for NHS and care staff who died of the virus after working on the front lines.

The NHS Business Services Authority has told the Health Service Journal that it has paid £ 613 to £ 60,000 to the families of the deceased staff, with an additional 62 pending.

This brings the total cost of the scheme to £ 40.5m.

A total of 13 requests were rejected, as long as they were considered ineligible.

The HSJ said the figure was less than three-quarters of the total number of frontline staff who died from the virus, based on a survey by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Between March and December last year, 414 health care workers and 469 social workers died from the coronavirus.

According to the latest ONS data, men in health care workers such as doctors, nurses, midwives, nursing assistants, porters, and paramedics have a mortality rate involving covids in common tasks. Mortality involving covid-19 was statistically significantly higher. population.

It states: “Of the professions of individual health care workers, nurses, nursing assistants and assistants have significantly increased rates between men and women.”

The life insurance system is intended for staff who provide practical personal care to people infected with the coronavirus or who work in health or social care settings where the virus is present.

It is designed to recognize the increased risk faced by staff during a crisis and applies to staff who are at the forefront of the pandemic.

The NHS Trust faces criticism of the lack of protection of staff during the Covid period. In the first wave of the virus, the demand for protective clothing meant that some trusts had a hard time having enough PPE.

The army was called in to distribute shares on a 24-hour basis, and £ 15 billion was reserved to raise PPE.

June, Health Minister Matt Hancock Told the parliamentary commission The NHS staff could not prove that they died of covid due to a lack of personal protective equipment.

He told the MP: That’s from the evidence I’ve seen. “

Family receives £ 40m after the death of frontline caregiver Covid

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