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Creating a gallery wall characterized by family photographs is a timeless technique used in keeping memories alive. Put together your favorite pictures in a stylish manner and watch them come to life. Styling is an essential aspect of interior decoration. Ensure the display of your photographs is in unison with the style of decoration implemented in your home. You can order your framed prints or canvas prints.


Personality and color are some of the perks that come from creating a gallery wall. A display of a collection of photographs is a great way to preserve timeless memories. Place your prints of various sizes side by side, emulating a gallery wall. You can’t go wrong with large canvas prints; it stands as a norm in the world of decoration. It is not unusual for your gallery wall to stretch out to other parts of the home. It creates an aura of love and remembrance. You could even tell a story with the arrangements by properly utilizing this technique.


A host of family photo wall ideas have clean and consistent color framing and accents. In designing a family photo wall, color isn’t a compulsory necessity, but there is nothing wrong with adding a few pops of it.

The combination of bright colors and neutrals are represented by a few popular styles today, including Boho and Mid-century modern. With the Boho style, most of the space is filled with neutrals and highlighted by plants in vivid green hues. The mid-century modern style usually includes bright colors for a splash of color among a wood-toned space. Neutral background colors should assist in prioritizing the color that you want to stand out.


The varieties in sizes and styles of your photographs don’t prevent you from making your family photo wall look cohesive. Integrate different photos of times spent together, individual shots, family events, and so on.

To ensure a stylish and monotonous flow across your design, implement the use of matching frame styles.


Have no fear if you can’t decide on a well-balanced color scheme; nothing can go wrong with a black and white themed family wall. A black and white themed family photo wall is a great way to preserve pictures through time.

Implement the use of white frames and white flooring accessories to instill consistency in the design. Arrange your photographs at different heights and varying levels with little spacing. Due to the simplicity in design, there is a need to be creative with the arrangement and display.


With ornate metallic and wooden frames, an antique-styled family picture will be brought to life. Don’t be afraid to mix shapes, like circular and square, on the same wall. Ensure to leave some space for open viewing.

Give a unique look to your walls with a custom hexagon-shaped canvas. Choose from the multiple layout options to display your precious memories innovatively.

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