Families of people who died after receiving the Covid vaccine have been “ignored” because of zero compensation compensation

Families who have loved ones who have died or suffered severe side effects after receiving the Covid vaccine say they are “ignored”.

More than 1,200 claims have been made under the Vaccine Compensation Scheme (VDPS), which entitles successful applicants to ამდე 120,000 if a causal link between vaccination and a severe reaction ending in injury or death is confirmed.

But to date, the government has not yet paid any compensation to the victims.

Some applicants have been waiting for almost a year, even though the families have medical records confirming that the vaccination was responsible for the deaths of their loved ones.

The government says the average claim on the VDPS takes “about six months” to investigate and process.

Sarah Moore, an attorney representing the 95 families claiming the case, said her clients felt “silent and ignored” and added that they could not talk about vaccine-related harms because doing so risks being accused of being anti-vaccine.

“For this reason, they can not even grieve normally,” he said Independent.

Vicki Spitt, whose partner Zion died at the age of 48 as a result of a rare but severe reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine, said she and other affected families who were waiting for help were “completely neglected”, ridiculed and called liars.

Ms Spit said the issue was “removed under the rug”

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Ms Spitt said she had been accused of jumping into the anti-wax campaign, but insisted: “Zion did the right thing and now she and the others are under the rug and will not be considered.”

Covid vaccines have been proven to be extremely safe and effective, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, but like any medicine used by millions of people, rare side effects are to be expected.

This can range from extremely rare blood clots detected in some AstraZeneca recipients – a link recognized by the UK Medicare regulator – to other conditions such as myocarditis or inflammation of the heart caused by the Pfizer vaccine.

Of the tens of millions of people vaccinated against Covid in the UK, 79 have died from a rare blood clotting disorder caused by the AstraZeneca pill, which is no longer used in the UK.

A total of 440 people were affected by vaccine-related blood clots. UK Medicare Regulator.

Ms. Moore said it is vital that the government financially supports a small minority of people who, in exceptional cases, have been affected by vaccination or even died.

“A government vaccine damage compensation scheme has been set up to recognize the loss of affected families and provide some financial assistance,” he said.

“However, one year after their initial applications, none of the families we work with have received VDPS payment.

Martin Bright suffers from rare blood clots after Covid-19 vaccination

(Martin Bright)

“In return, they are still fighting the VDPS, at the same time gaining grief and, in some cases, new care responsibilities.

The government acknowledged that there was “growing” scientific evidence “supporting the link between Covid vaccines and some extremely rare and limited side effects”.

As a result of this evidence, officials ‘can now begin to advance existing claims’, according to a letter sent to the applicant by the NHS Business Service on 15 February 2022.

It is understood that the government has contracted Crawford & Co, a claims management company, to begin processing applications. The first assessment should start on the week starting May 16th.

But Ms. Moore said the VDPS was moving very slowly and that most of her clients had been waiting for compensation for more than 6 months after she had her first complaint.

One of his families filed the application more than 50 weeks ago. In an email received Tuesday, the family was told by a VDPS case worker that “we can not give you an exact timeline for when [the] The claim will probably come to a conclusion, for which I apologize. At the moment we estimate that it may take up to 12 weeks. “

Ms. Moore’s clients are a mix of people who have experienced rare severe side effects from Covid pockets and families whose loved ones have died after vaccination.

A very small proportion of people who received the Covid vaccine experienced severe side effects.

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Ten of his clients received final or interim death certificates concluding that the vaccine was responsible for the death of their relative or partner. Five of them applied more than six months ago, Ms. Moore said.

In another case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson personally wrote to the complainant promising help – nothing has come up with this offer yet, Ms Moore said.

The data show that as of March 25, 2022, a total of 1,210 claims related to the Covid vaccine had been filed with the VDPS. As a rule, only 80 complaints are made per year on VDPS, Independent Understands.

To qualify for payment under the VDPS, applicants must demonstrate that their disability is due to vaccination and that the injury received is “severe” – rendering them at least 60 percent disabled according to the Industrial Injury Scale for Industrial Injury. .

Applicants are asked to submit medical records and proof of hospital appointment regarding their condition.

However, Families have been told before Independent that VDPS is obsolete, “the only paper-based form in the tech world,” and has not been updated to include Covid vaccines.

Ms. Moore also said there are not enough case workers to help families, many of whom are mourning, and answer surveys.

Ms Spitt said she “did not receive any help” from applying to the VDPS after losing a partner whose death was caused by vaccination, as confirmed by a court. “I had many answers cut out and inserted into my questions, but very few real answers,” he said.

“My faith in the system has disappeared. Emotionally, mentally, physically I continue to suffer. What has repeatedly disappointed us has added to this massively, apart from the incredible loss of losing Zion so suddenly after 21 years.

Martin Bright, who had rare blood clots after vaccination, said he was “abandoned” and “betrayed” by the government.

“We are not against the vaccine, we went when we were asked to benefit the whole community, just to stay injured or disabled and then ignored. “The whole government is obviously too scared to even acknowledge us and our suffering.”

Lord Philip Hunt, a Labor peer and one of the few politicians who raised the issue in Parliament, said that “the current system is outdated and is slow to respond.”

“The government should review it and secure the payments of the affected families and individuals as soon as possible,” he added. “It is in the public interest to help people if they are vaccinated.”

A government spokesman said: “We are working on complaints through VDPS as soon as possible and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has a team of case workers dedicated to updating the complainants.

“The NHSBSA has also contracted with the provider to specifically review the medical assessments so that the results can be provided to the complainants as quickly as possible, but can only do so after they have received a complete medical record for the complainant, which may take time.”

The government said all vaccines used in the UK met the MHRA’s “strict standards of safety, efficacy and quality”.

There are currently more than 140 million vaccinated vaccines in the UK.

Families of people who died after receiving the Covid vaccine have been “ignored” because of zero compensation compensation

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