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Failure to enact public affairs law exacerbated England’s inequality in a pandemic. “| Poverty

Think tanks argued that successive government failures to enact parts of the equality law that would impose obligations to address socio-economic disadvantages exacerbated British inequality during the coronavirus pandemic.

The· Runny Maid TrustAccording to the report, Facts Don’t Lie, the mandatory provisions of the public sector are that schools are closed and remote learning.

Section 1 of the 2010 Equality Act Authorities, including municipalities, police, and most government sectors, have “in view of the desire to exercise them in a manner designed to reduce the resulting inequality resulting from socio-economic disadvantages.” Requests that the function be performed. ..

This section was launched in Scotland in 2018 and is scheduled to begin in Wales at the end of next month, but not in the UK. According to RunnymedeTrust, the omission needs to be fixed.

“With the true intention of’upgrading’society, our government will invest in work, education and training, narrowing the gap between the working class and other societies,” Trust said. Said Dr. Harima Begum, Chief Executive Officer and Author of. Don’t lie to the facts. “Implementing the public sector obligations of Section 1 will be a decisive first step in that direction.”

She also said that the government has promised to support working-class communities regardless of ethnicity.

Begum is one of the loudest critics Speech by Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Inequality Truss claimed that white working class children were being ignored Because it focuses on protected traits such as race. According to the report, this is “false equivalence … especially because a significant number of working classes are BMEs.” [black and minority ethnic] Man”.

Mr. Begum said: Everyone does little to help them escape their poverty and the bondage of poverty. “

The government was forced into a series of U-turns Free lunch during a pandemic Faced with criticism again after intervention by soccer player and poverty eradication campaigner Marcus Rashford Lack of laptops available to some of the poorest and most vulnerable students..

In January, it said that children with no device access could go to school for face-to-face learning, raising concerns that crowded classrooms would increase the risk of Covid-19 infection. I did.

Runnymede Trust states that the authorities were responsible for addressing these and other issues. The struggle of some medical and social care staff to access appropriate personal protective equipment, Public sector obligations on socio-economic inequality have been implemented.

A spokesperson for the Government Equality Hub said: [to] We offer opportunities for everyone, regardless of class, ethnicity or background.

“We have set up a committee on racial and ethnic inequality. This committee is investigating all aspects of ongoing racial and ethnic inequality in the UK and will soon submit a report to the Prime Minister. is.

“We have no plans to fulfill our socio-economic obligations. This government wants to bring real change and opportunity to individuals, not check-box exercises.”

Failure to enact public affairs law exacerbated England’s inequality in a pandemic. “| Poverty

SourceFailure to enact public affairs law exacerbated England’s inequality in a pandemic. “| Poverty

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