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Facebook faces more than $ 3 billion in legal action over control

The UK proceedings are based on the company’s historical data collection practices

Social media giant Facebook, now known as the metaplatform, is facing a class action proceeding in the UK, with damages of at least € 2.3 billion ($ 3.1 billion or more) for allegations that the company has exploited users. Are you looking for? Data for profit.

The proceedings have been filed by Liza Lovdahl Gormsen, a senior adviser to the watchdog of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and a competition law scholar. She said the proceedings were filed on behalf of Facebook’s 44 million users who used the network between 2015 and 2019.

Facebook claims to have earned billions of pounds by imposing unfair conditions that require consumers to give up valuable personal data in order to access the network.

“Facebook is taking advantage of its advantages at the cost of its users,” said Lovdahl Gormsen. The law firm representing the FCA Advisor has notified Facebook of the complaint.

“In our case, we claim that Facebook has set” unreasonable prices “for UK users. The “price” set to access social networks was the delivery of highly valuable personal data for UK users. -It’s the basis for using the network. “

“In return, users only receive” free “access to Facebook’s social networks, with zero monetary rewards while Facebook generates billions of revenues from their data. This unfair trade was only possible through Facebook’s market power. “

Facebook said people used the service because it brought value to them and “they have meaningful control over what information they share on Meta’s platform and with whom.”

The proceedings will be tried by the Court of Appeals for Competition in London. The lawyer will soon submit the documents for the case.

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Facebook faces more than $ 3 billion in legal action over control

SourceFacebook faces more than $ 3 billion in legal action over control

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