F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Live Results: Hamilton Reed after Verstappen Collision

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are fighting at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

To win today’s championship, Verstappen needs to score 18 points more than Jeddah’s Hamilton.

So far everything has happened and by lap 16 two red flags have come out and the race has resumed.

And now Hamilton collision After the Red Bull star slowed down straight, he gave up his position with Verstappen.

Verstappen also had a five-second penalty, and the race headed for the final lap, with Lewis leading the puck.

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  • LAP 46/50

    Meanwhile, Hamilton is getting faster and faster, despite the damaged victory.

    He once again records the fastest lap, which should be enough to give him additional points.

  • LAP 45/50

    Verstappen has to pit in, plus a 5-second penalty that even Ocon could overtake.

    There are still many dramas in Jeddah …

  • LAP 44/50

    Hamilton leads with six laps remaining and has a five-second advantage over Verstappen due to the Red Bull penalty.

    Verstappen passed Hamilton when he didn’t need it …

  • LAP 43/50

    Hamilton takes the initiative!

  • LAP 43/50

    Verstappen’s time penalty.

    He left the track to regain the lead and was given a 5 second penalty by the race steward.

    This is the first time they have been involved.

  • LAP 43/50

    Hamilton slowed behind Verstappen during the incident-he apparently didn’t know he was allowed to overtake.

    Meanwhile, Red Bull leader Hamilton passed and quickly regained the lead.

  • LAP 41/50

    Mercedes complains to Hamilton that he didn’t have time to say he was regaining his place.

    Hamilton remained confused and did not realize that he was allowed to overtake.

    From Ron Meadows to Race Control: “I didn’t think he (Verstappen) intended to do that. You told me when that happened.”

  • LAP 40/50

    Race Control told Red Bull to return the place.

    Verstappen has 10 laps to overtake the damaged Hamilton.

  • LAP 39/50

    Hamilton’s damaged victory has slowed him down, and he is now 2.5 seconds behind Verstappen.

    Question about whether Verstappen bent at the last moment-it could have caused a collision.

  • LAP 39/50

    Hamilton said: “It’s just dangerous driving.”

    Steward may lead Verstappen here to intervene-the case is currently under investigation.

  • LAP 38/50

    Verstappen slowed down to return his place to Hamilton, but stayed in the middle.

    Hamilton said: “He just brake-tested me! My wings are broken.”

    Toto Wolff smoking in the pit-he can’t believe it!

  • crash

    Hamilton and Verstappen clash with jsut as Verstappen was told to give his place to a Mercedes man!

  • LAP 37/50

    Verstappen holds the lead on Turn 1.

    Hamilton was very close to overtaking his rivals-they even touched, but Verstappen kept his nose in front and the gap returned to more than a second.

  • LAP 36/50

    Hamilton is approaching!

  • LAP 36/50

    Hamilton gets faster …

    He is now only 0.7 seconds behind, as yet another virtual safety car has emerged to remove the false debris.

  • LAP 34/50

    Both Verstappen and Hamilton just recorded their fastest lap.

    This may be a nail-piercing finish.

  • LAP 33/50

    The gap between leaders is 1.8 seconds and Hamilton must hesitate before overtaking Raikkonen.

  • LAP 33/50

    Slow Kimi Raikkonen holds down Verstappen, which allows Hamilton to approach his rivals.

    Unfortunately, Verstappen said, “Why aren’t you speeding up?”

  • LAP 30/50

    Yet another virtual safety car when debris is removed from the truck.

    This Grand Prix has it all.

    Fernando Alonso wants a safety car.

    “It was the worst situation during the weekend,” the Spaniards said.

  • Wrap 29/50

    Hamilton’s goal is to keep the gap tight and overtake Verstappen as the tires wear towards the end of the race.

    However, Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz said: There is no reason why Verstappen can’t go to the end of the race with these medium tires. “

  • LAP 28/50

    Vettel was involved in another clash with Kimi Raikkonen.

    Aston Martin guys aren’t happy.

  • Rap 27/50

    Tsunoda is penalized for 5 seconds in a collision with Sebastian Vettel.

    The German car knocked and he dropped.

  • Rap 26/50

    Hamilton approaches Verstappen.

    He’s almost 1.3 seconds behind the Red Bull guy, but just filled the gap in 0.7 seconds.

  • Like things are standing

    Hamilton’s follow-up to Verstappen means that if the race ends now, he will be 14 points behind his rivals.

    Meanwhile, Tsunoda was able to return to the pits and save the race.

    DRS is enabled for Hamilton …

  • LAP 22/50

    Yuki Tsunoda hit the wall.

    He has lost the front wing but is about to return to the pits.

    Launched virtual safety car.

F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Live Results: Hamilton Reed after Verstappen Collision

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