“F ****** go and grab the ball”

Ricky Hatton called on Anthony Joshua to throw a kitchen sink at Oleksandr Usyk when the pair met for a blockbuster rematch.

Boxing legends have asked his fellow Brit to shake off allegations and use his famous punching power to knock out Ukrainian tacticians.


Southpaw Oleksandr Usyk pointed out Anthony Joshua in September-and Ricky Hatton told AJ to throw a kitchen sink at the Ukrainians in their rematch.Credit: Reuters

AJ was badly criticized for Trying to match the cunning Usyk For pair boxing skills Fought at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last month.

As a result of that game plan, Joshua lost the heavyweight belts again, but Hatton claimed that he could get them back with a more forefoot approach.

He said MailOnline: “My advice if AJ was listening to me now: They wrote you down anyway, they all think Usyk will win the fight more comfortably-it’s your fuel Please use it as a throat.

“If they think you’ll be beaten anyway, you have nothing to lose, son. Go F *** ing and grab the ball.

“I’ll keep the tactics simple:” (Usyk) outboxed me last time, this time I’m going to beat you.

“At this level, it’s probably not that simple, but I think there’s a lot that AJ has to offer.”

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Ricky Hatton is a former two-weight world champion


Ricky Hatton is a former two-weight world championCredit: Splash

Promoter Eddie Hearn is considering a rematch May occur as early as March The UK will host in pole position.

Experts and commentators are lining up to claim their voice, just as an example of Tony Bellew. Boxing voice telling AJ to raise ante..

Hatton is confident that Watford fighters already have what they need to regain his title Did it before against Andy Ruiz Jr...

Hatton added: “In the rematch, many say Usyk will do the same again. Only he may step into Gas a little earlier and stop AJ. I think the opposite.

“You have to be able to adapt, and if that’s one thing AJ has, it’s that adaptability.

“He can be put in the box, as he won the Olympic gold medal and proved by regaining the heavyweight title. He can mix it.”

Eddie Hearn states that the rematch between AJ and Usyk will be “realistic” in March

“F ****** go and grab the ball”

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