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Extinction Rebellion, which is ridiculed as the TV presenter reveals the 3 “obvious arrows” of the group’s demands | Great Britain |: news

Disappearance uprising A new series of protests began on Saturday, demanding that the government suspend all further investment in the fossil fuel industry. The environmental group has promised to “flood the streets of London” as activists warn that they plan to “severely disrupt” the riots in London by April 17. But the host of GB News Nana Aqua He warned that the demonstrators could not achieve their goals due to significant “handles” in their demands.

Commenting on the first round of protests, Ms. Aqua said.

“There is a fact that fossil fuels are not only designed to power our transport engines or heat our homes.

“Fossil fuels are needed to build steel and concrete, to make many of the components that these new renewable sources originally needed.”

“Then, if they did not notice, we are currently at war with Russia. Many countries in the world, which rely on Russian oil and gas, try to get rid of it as soon as possible to build their own home. – grown renewables. You can not just turn off the power.

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“Plus, there is a cost-of-living crisis, which means prices are rising sharply.”

He continued. “If people can’t heat their homes and feed their families, they will all be lost long before the end of the world.

“When you look closely, most of the protesters are white, middle-class, none of them will go to work, they have too much time.

“Try to live the life of those who have to choose between eating and heating.” Or a single parent struggling to make ends meet instead of announcing the end of the world is near. ”

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Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The force wrote in tweets. “Oxford St. Regent St. A number of demonstrators are sitting on the road, blocking the traffic in both directions. Traffic deviations are taking place. “

One member of the public, who wished to name only Steve S. Elling, 50, of West London, said the Extinction Rebellion tactics were “obsessive”.

He told PA. “Tactics have given the Conservative Party an excuse to reduce or remove all our rights to protest.

“Every day, they have closed the roads many times, whether it is a small number or a large number. They forbade people to take their children to school, people forbade them to go to work or visit the hospital. That is simply unacceptable. “

Mr C added that the protesters, whom he called “the most diverse crowd you have ever seen in London”, consisted of “middle-class white, kind-hearted liberals (who) do not represent the city of London”.

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But Sunita Ramani, who works in the field of environmental communications, joined the first protest in London, saying that the action was justified.

“Our goal is not to make people nervous, to ruin their lives, but throughout history, civil disobedience has proven to be the most successful way people can make such movements successful.”

“We do it on behalf of all those who deserve to live, to have a future full of justice.”

Extinction Rebellion described the protest as “the final impetus for a plan to end fossil fuel consumption.”

The group said similar measures were planned to block “urban areas for as long as possible” every day for a week or more.

The group promised that “our failures will not stop until the fossil fuel economy is over.”

Extinction Rebellion, which is ridiculed as the TV presenter reveals the 3 “obvious arrows” of the group’s demands | Great Britain |: news

Source Extinction Rebellion, which is ridiculed as the TV presenter reveals the 3 “obvious arrows” of the group’s demands | Great Britain |: news

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