Extend Quant Insight, a transaction analysis provider


QuantInsight, a new quantitative financial market analysis and trading insights provider, has scaled up after four years of research and development and over £ 7m in funding from three investment rounds.

With offices in London, New York and Limasol, the company incorporates Qi analysis into its investment process and has clients with total assets under management of over $ 2.5 trillion.

In addition to best-in-class data engineers, it is led by an experienced macro hedge fund portfolio manager and leading machine learning and signal extraction from Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton.

Quant Insight’s AI-based financial markets Brain (RETINA) scans millions of data points daily and Macroforce scans all asset classes from FX, indexes, singles to commodities, fixed income futures and cryptocurrencies. Provides a brief overview of how it affects you.

RETINA has reduced millions of data points to two to five important daily insights and has already been used by some of the world’s most renowned investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers, including Brevan Howard’s Alan Howard. I am.

Quant Insight was co-founded by Mahmod Noorani, an experienced macro investor and portfolio manager. It previously worked for Morgan Stanley, UBS, BlueCrest Capital, Citi Capital Advisors Global Macro Fund and Credit Suisse.

Other key partners in this business are Professor of Astronomical Physics at the University of Cambridge, Professor Michael Hobson, who wrote the Qi White Paper on methodologies that emphasized and validated the Qi algorithm, and academic leader in machine learning and machine learning. Includes Professor Ryan Prescott-Adams. Former Harvard lecturer on Qi’s Academic Advisory Board.

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Qi’s investors include Alan Howard and JP Stein, as well as additional investors such as financial market experts, former CEOs of major European investment banks and chairpersons of the top three investment banks in the United States.

With the rise of retailers, Quant Insight is currently developing APIs. This makes it possible to partner with online brokers and messaging platforms, and individual investors are institutional investors.

Co-founder and CEO Mahmod Noorani said: “The investment industry has relied on subjective research, knowledgeable guesswork, and a wealth of data combinations.

“To tackle this unique problem, we combined advanced mathematics, data science, machine learning, and decades of financial expertise to create RETINA, the brains of a fully automated financial market. The brain scans markets around the world during the day and captures millions of data points daily, identifying probable opportunities for high-frequency macro information and delivering signals in real time.

“It’s no coincidence that the world’s most well-known hedge funds and asset managers are taking care. Institutional investors’ expanding customer base is universally positive, especially in the private investment market. As we work, there are many exciting partnerships, product updates and major announcements to be announced over the next few months. “

Extend Quant Insight, a transaction analysis provider

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