Experts warn that Covid poses a threat to Britain over the next five years

COVID Scientific advisers warn that it will pose a threat to Britain for at least the next five years government..

A report produced by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group, Operations Subgroup (Spi-M) panel on modeling revealed that “it will take at least another five years for Covid-19 to settle into a predictable epidemic.” ..Prolonged in the background, but not likely to cause widespread infection, rapidly NHS..

Report-Previously created Omicron A variant was discovered and released on Friday. “It is very likely that we will need to continue to actively manage SARS-CoV-2 over the long term,” he added.ikura vaccination Boosters, and other interventions needed in the next 5-10 years (testing, ventilation, case isolation, etc.), are facilitated by unknown factors. “

Regarding the time it takes for the coronavirus to settle into a more predictable endemic condition, the Spi-M report states that government policy and the rate of weakened immunity play a major role in the time frame.

“Assuming no intervention other than vaccination, the rapid decline in immunity to SARS-CoV-2 leads to faster epidemics, but this also leads to higher prevalence levels once reached. Therefore, it leads to a greater burden on health and care services, “says the report.

In addition, he adds: “To maintain sufficient vaccine-derived immunity for future Covid-19 control, repeated vaccinations may be required. Sufficient to overwhelm health and care services over the next five years. The possibility of a scale epidemic is real. “

According to the UK Health and Safety Agency, 75 new Omicron variants have been identified in the UK and warnings have been issued regarding community expansion.

The government also released the minutes of an emergency meeting of respiratory disease experts last Thursday (November 25) to discuss the Omicron variant. Sage advisors warned that “very rigorous response” from Downing Street could be required, but scientists from the New Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group (Nervtag) said the surge in cases was NHS. Said it could overwhelm.

Nervtag, a subgroup of sage, also said at a meeting that it cannot be ruled out that the infectious waves that could be caused by Omicron could be the same as or larger than the previous waves.

When such a result occurs, this surge in infection “is accompanied by a wave of serious cases, and subgroups cannot rule out that this may be sufficient to overwhelm the NHS’s capabilities.” Added Nervtag.

NS Expert Similarly, he called for “early and powerful action” to limit the spread of variants in the United Kingdom. They did not identify a remedy, but repeated the need to accelerate the UK vaccine program. The prime minister said on Tuesday that the government aims to provide boosters to all adults by the end of January.

Experts warn that Covid poses a threat to Britain over the next five years

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