Experts say Camilla was able to “step up” to help the Queen and lead Kate to a new role.

Camilla, Duchess of CornwallCan be added and assisted as a state adviser Queen Experts insisted on slimming the monarchy.

74 years old, that The husband is reported to have provided Prince Harry with an “olive branch”Instead of removing the non-functional royal family, you can previously add them as the apparent spouse of the heir.

According to Gertrude Daly, the host of Gert’s Royal podcast, this move is Kate Middleton You can also add it earlier.

By law, state counsel includes a sovereign spouse and the following four heirs over the age of 21.

Camilla was able to “step up” for the Queen who could pave the way for Kate Middleton

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at this point, Prince Harry37, his brother Prince William39, their father Prince Charles73, and his brother Prince Andrew61 are the four members of the State Adviser.

Royal Expert Gertrude Daily star: “If they want to add someone to the state counselor, it may be easier than removing Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, but it is to include the spouse of the heir apparent as a state counselor.

“Since the Duchess of Camilla will already be added, it may make sense to add her now during Prince Charles’ reign. This is also during Prince Charles’ reign, Prioritize the addition of the Duchess of Kate as the spouse of the heir apparent at the time. “

Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles are state advisers

Two or more state counselors have been appointed by letters patent to act on behalf of His Majesty in the event of temporary inability to perform public affairs due to illness or absence abroad.

However, the Queen still has final say on federal issues, the dissolution of parliament, the creation of peers, and the appointment of the prime minister.

It was after Buckingham Palace was reportedly trying to remove Prince Harry from his role as state adviser.

Prince Harry comes across as
Buckingham Palace is reportedly trying to remove Harry from his role

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Royal family I’m currently fighting for the security I get when I’m in the UK – Threatens to sue the British government if royal protection is not granted when he visits his home country.

Harry waived his right to police protection in 2020 when he and his wife, Megan Markle, resigned as senior members of the royal family.

However, Buckingham Palace officials are said to be currently considering ways to remove him from that role. The Daily Mail reported that the palace is also trying to revoke its role from Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew faces civil lawsuit
Prince Andrew’s role may be revoked

Prince William and Kate Middleton

One source told the publication: “What the palace is trying to tackle is a real problem.

“For example, can you imagine that Prince William and the Duke of Cambridge were both abroad and the Duke of York had to sign an official document because the Queen became ill?

“It’s no exaggeration to say that it could endanger the monarchy. There could be events that require such changes later this year.”

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Experts say Camilla was able to "step up" to help the Queen and lead Kate to a new role.

Source link Experts say Camilla was able to "step up" to help the Queen and lead Kate to a new role.

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