Experts call Apple’s CSAM scheme a “dangerous technology”

Apple decision Postpone referral Controversial Client Side Scan (CSS) CSAM detection system Looks like a better idea in the news that the government already wants to use Controversial tool For other forms of monitoring.

‘dangerous technology’

so New reportAn influential group of 14 internationally reputed security researchers states that such a plan represents a “dangerous technology” that expands national surveillance. They warn that using a client-side scanning system “would be far more intrusive than previous proposals to weaken encryption.” CSS provides law enforcement agencies with the ability to remotely retrieve information stored on user devices as well as communications, rather than reading the content of encrypted communications. “

These voices will participate Chorus of similar voicesIncludes civil liberal activists, privacy advocates, and tech industry critics The plan has already warned that it threatens basic human rights..

While system apple Presentation Seemingly well-meaning, there were many concerns about using on-device scanning for image databases in the form of numeric hash data. After all, if you can scan your device for one, you can easily extend it to find the other.

After all, some governments are working on that very thing. NS New York Times Here’s the latest findings from a group of cybersecurity researchers who have been considering this type of proposal before Apple’s announcement.

European Union wants CSS

Researchers say they started investigating technology before Apple announced it. Movement by European Union (EU) leaders Claim such a system. Researchers believe that a proposal to mandate such photo scans in the EU could come soon this year and extend beyond CSAM to include scanning evidence of organized crime and terrorist activity.

The search domain extension is a red flag.

The concern is that what is considered normal behavior in many countries is criminalized in others. The search for criminal material can easily be extended, for example, to search for evidence of homosexuality, which is the death penalty in some countries.

All governments, including authoritarian governments, can require searches so that the EU can enable Apple to scan CSAM material and require it to scan for additional illnesses. Apple says it will resist, but the truth is that it won’t be possible.

A series of previously unproposed crimes for such surveillance includes fraud, tax evasion, and tax avoidance, but such facilities can easily be extended to these areas.

Expert warning

Apple sought to characterize the resistance it encountered with the original proposal as nothing more than a messaging mess. The apologist sought to hide it in a discussion of how most actions on the Internet could be detected (which rather undermines the use of online payment systems).

Critics say both such excuses appear to be flawed by companies that are proud of their privacy, especially in the absence of internationally agreed digital human rights bills. Many believe that such a proposal represents the horror of Pandora’s Box, which leads to unconstrained surveillance and national overshoot.

One of the big problems that the latest researchers warn about is that the plan allows us to scan a person’s device “without any possible cause of illegal activity.”

Professor of Cybersecurity and Policy at Tufts University Susan Landau, Said: “It’s very dangerous. It’s dangerous for business, national security, public safety, and privacy.”

A professor of security engineering at the University of Cambridge said: Ross Anderson..

One door opens, another door opens

However, there are greater threats lurking for many users, especially business users. “Most user devices are vulnerable, so the monitoring and control capabilities provided by CSS can be exploited by many adversaries, from hostile state officials to criminals to close partners of users. There is, “the report warns.

“Furthermore, due to the opacity of mobile operating systems, it’s difficult to make sure that the CSS policy only covers non-illegal material.”

In effect, when such a system is introduced, it understands how criminal organizations can undermine the system, extend it to detect valuable personal and business data, or insert false positives against political opponents. It’s only a matter of time.

Report,’Bugs in our pockets: Risk of client-side scanning’ teeth Fully available here..

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Experts call Apple’s CSAM scheme a “dangerous technology”

Source link Experts call Apple’s CSAM scheme a “dangerous technology”

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