Experts call Apple’s CSAM scheme a “dangerous technology”

Apple decision Postpone referral Controversial Client Side Scan (CSS) CSAM detection system Looks like a better idea in the news that the government already wants to use Controversial tool For other forms of monitoring.

‘dangerous technology’

so New reportAn influential group of 14 internationally reputed security researchers states that such a plan represents a “dangerous technology” that expands national surveillance. They warn that using a client-side scanning system “would be far more intrusive than previous proposals to weaken encryption.” CSS provides law enforcement agencies with the ability to remotely retrieve information stored on user devices as well as communications, rather than reading the content of encrypted communications. “

These voices will participate Chorus of similar voicesIncludes civil liberal activists, privacy advocates, and tech industry critics The plan has already warned that it threatens basic human rights..

While system apple Presentation Seemingly well-meaning, there were many concerns about using on-device scanning for image databases in the form of numeric hash data. After all, if you can scan your device for one, you can easily extend it to find the other.

After all, some governments are working on that very thing. NS New York Times Here’s the latest findings from a group of cybersecurity researchers who have been considering this type of proposal before Apple’s announcement.

European Union wants CSS

Researchers say they started investigating technology before Apple announced it. Movement by European Union (EU) leaders Claim such a system. Researchers believe that a proposal to mandate such photo scans in the EU could come soon this year and extend beyond CSAM to include scanning evidence of organized crime and terrorist activity.

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Experts call Apple’s CSAM scheme a “dangerous technology”

Source link Experts call Apple’s CSAM scheme a “dangerous technology”

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