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Exotic Cooking Classes in the UK

Everyone loves trying new food and exploring the exotic flavours of the world. However, such foods can be tough to find in local restaurants whenever we want to satisfy our curiosity and challenge our taste buds. Luckily, there is a great way to taste such foods and learn how to prepare them. There are a variety of exotic cooking classes in the UK that you may want to try. Cooking is relaxing and rewarding and you can surprise your friends and family and treat them with some new dishes. Plus, cooking from scratch is a nice way to save some money and eat more healthily. So, if you are interested in learning how to cook some exotic foods, here are some of the best classes on offer.

Praveen Kumar’s Indian Cook School, Perth

For everyone who loves Indian food and would love to learn how to make their own restaurant-quality curries, this is the right choice for you. These classes are a great chance to learn from multi-award-winning chefs Praveena and Swarna. Their teaching style is hands-on and they have plenty of skills to impart on how to make authentic dishes and spices of South India.

At these classes, you are all cooking at individual cooking stations and there is a social emphasis on the activity since at the end of each day you will sit down and enjoy culinary creations from the rest of the participants. You can expect to learn how to cook a variety of dishes, including papadoms, spicy onions, raitha, vegetable pakoras, mint chutney and tandoori salmon or chicken bhuna.

Rick Stein’s Cookery School, Padstow

Ever since 1975, Rick Stein’s The Seafood Restaurant has carved out a great reputation for serving some of the best fish and shellfish dishes in the UK. And if you would love to learn how to cook those famed dishes, you can easily join Rick Stein’s fish and shellfish one-day course. The course is in Padstow in North Cornwall and here you will learn how to cook many dishes that are synonymous with his restaurant.

During the course you will learn how to prepare squid, devein, peel and cook prawns, fillet a fish and shuck oysters. Also, you can watch this expert chef demonstrate various different recipes and have a go at making them yourself. His recipes include various dishes, such as fillet of bass with vanilla butter vinaigrette, chargrilled whole Dover sole and Indonesian seafood curry.

Caribbean Food with Carly Day, Northampton

The Caribbean holds some of the tastiest dishes and if you’d like to learn more about them and learn how to cook them, you should join Carly Day. Carly Day is a world traveller and an amazing chef offering classes in Northampton to help you learn how to cook. Her expertise is Jamaican cuisine and her mission is to teach people how to cook in the Jamaican style with even the simplest produce. At her Ja Joint cooking classes in Northampton you’ll also learn about the common practice of tribal cultures.

Carly sings while she cooks and talks to her food which is a way to show appreciation and respect towards the ingredients that go into the making of a given dish. Her classes are held in person and focus on choices, cost comparisons, storing food and mindfulness while choosing the ingredients and cooking it.

Krua Thai Cookery School, Scotland

This school is an amazing place for learning how to cook Thai dishes. They also train professional chefs and offer amateur cooks a chance to extend their knowledge and skills and a deeper understanding of Thai cuisine. Krua Thai Cookery School has more than 20 years of experience and the classes will provide you with recipes and techniques that are rarely found in cookbooks. Plus, they can teach you to deftly carve fruit and vegetables and simply shine when preparing food and setting the table for a delicious meal.

Jamie Oliver Online Cooking Class

Everyone loves Jamie Oliver and he is well-known for his culinary skills which he’s had a chance to demonstrate on many TV programmes over the years. Today, he is offering a wide variety of online cooking classes so people can easily master those culinary skills at home. He is known for his versatility and thus offers a wide range of classes, including Pasta Master class, Italian Favourites, Mexican Street Food class and many more.

When it comes to food, exotic choices are often the most delicious ones, as they bring together flavours that can truly excite the palate and spice things up.  It is not easy to master such skills alone, and that is why many top chefs are offering their help and want to teach you how to prepare these delicious exotic meals from all over the world.

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