Exeter Chiefs is igniting a new mascot that campaign participants say is offensive to Native Americans

Exeter Chiefs were blown up by “trolling Native Americans” with a new mascot, just a year after rejecting their culturally aggressive “Big Chiefs.”

Campaign participants are Europeans British champion to stop using “harmful” indigenous brands Included in their kit, more than 6,000 supporters have signed up for their goals through online petitions.


Exeter Chiefs’ new Hawk Mascot, claimed by fans, is called Tom


The Chiefs have removed the old stereotyped Native American mascot, but the image remains in the current kit

Just last week, Excelter announced a new mascot in a deleted Twitter post-fans claimed they called a bird, which looks like a hawk, Tom.

The Exeter Chiefs Four Change Group wants the club to abandon the traditional Native American headdress of the badge and stop playing the “Tomahawk Chop” chant around Sandy Park.

They also say that what they call the use of the “racial caricature logo” is why the club is one of the 13 sides of the Premiership this year without a front sponsor of the main shirt. believe.

Exeter Chiefs for Change SunSport: “The chief’s commercially chaotic preseason is in contact with a farce after the mascot announces a blunder.

“At best, if it’s just a random bird, the club misses the opportunity for Branding 101 to launch a mascot by name and personality to attract families and sell related products.

“at the worst case, Most suspicious if based on “Tom-a-hawk” pun, It doubles the abused branding and trolling Native Americans who claim respect and honor.

“In the 150th year of the club, when we’ve done a lot, it’s a great opportunity to embrace the changing landscape and announce a future transition from the outdated and inappropriate Native American brands adopted since 1999. I think. A new, more positive future. “

And about the seeming lack of sponsorship for the main shirt, Chiefs for Change said:

“If the club was previously concerned about the cost of rebranding, they must now be aware of the cost of not rebranding.

“A tremendous success as a premiership, European championship winner Just a year ago, many thought it was easy to secure a lucrative sponsorship deal.

“But as more organizations work on diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, the type of sponsors who deserve the club’s success and attract attention doesn’t seem to want to match brands with these polluted brands.

“The problem is a rapidly snowballing PR crisis that’s stuck until the club takes action.

“The sooner they do, the more we can all enjoy rugby and be proud of the club on and off the pitch. There is no distraction or harm.”

American sports team Washington football team throws away Native American images After a request from the indigenous people, Exeter shows no signs of ending their random relationship.

They previously claimed that the use of Native American headdresses was a “respect”.

But this season, Hachi became the first club in Coventry to discuss the possibility of banning fans from wearing them.

Exeter Chiefs for Change added: They seek to own their history and image, contributing to the damage to well-being and mental health, especially among young people.

“The Exeter Chiefs and their fans may not have intended to do any harm, but unfortunately it is an impact, so the only proper and respectful thing to do is listen and stop.”

Exeter Chiefs declined to comment.

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Exeter Chiefs is igniting a new mascot that campaign participants say is offensive to Native Americans

Source link Exeter Chiefs is igniting a new mascot that campaign participants say is offensive to Native Americans

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