Exclusive: Teddy Soares calls Faye Winter a “neat freak” when opening a new home

Teddy Soares Branded his girlfriend Faye Winter A “neat freak” after discovering what it’s like to live with her in their new home.

Recently 26 years old Seemed to be loved by the other half of him on the red carpetDuring an exclusive chat with, Faye explained that she was deliberately doing what she didn’t want in order to roll her up as a joke. all right! About the Fiat 500 Party Tournament in Boewoka.

After spending a fierce time at the hit ITV date show, talk about the beauty of blondes and sharing a home Love island, He said: “It’s very similar to what it looks like in a villa, but not so intense. We were like two peas in a pod and took it every day.

Teddy Soares begins life with her girlfriend Faye Winter

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“The biggest pain is delivering furniture and trying to make the house feel like a house …”

While the pair was busy decorating the space to feel like a home, Teddy explained that he had discovered something about Faye that he hadn’t known before.

Reality stars said Faye is a “clean freak” and likes to keep things organized. He said: “I now know how decent a freak she is. A clean freak, she’s as bad as I am.”

Faye and Winter finally shared what's inside their new home
Teddy said Faye is a “clean freak” and likes to keep things clean in the house.

Teddy, that The girlfriend recently explained that she was sitting next to her mother while filming Real Full Monty. Continued: “I have a little OCD, and I don’t like things being in the wrong place, and I generally don’t like confusion, but she’s definitely on my toes Keep me

“She keeps me from leaving stupid things like my front shoes or a jacket on the couch aside. But I sometimes catch her to make fun of her.”

When the pair was asked if there was anything that bothered each other, he explained that he couldn’t think of anything frustrating, but Faye was frustrated with the laundry.

Fay Winter has recently melted the filler and then regained the lip filler
Teddy said he thinks Faye hasn’t done enough laundry

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He said: “She probably says I haven’t done enough laundry. I probably do it intentionally. I like she do something with a little more push of a button. When I say to, I put off other things. “

Teddy is promoting a competition with the Fiat 500 competition in Boewokka, as five party trips to the bougie bar are available with Love Islander for the lucky locals.

Locals can head to Boë’s Instagram to get a chance to get one, where they can take part in a contest for them and their best friends and enjoy the perfect start to a great night out. ..

Teddy advertises Boe Wocca's Fiat 500 competition
Teddy advertises Boe Wocca’s Fiat 500 competition

The party car will also be available for lifts in Manchester the following week, allowing party participants to book slots here.

Teddy said: “They have a bar behind, they have everything you want about a party vehicle, but the Fiat 500 is compact.”

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Exclusive: Teddy Soares calls Faye Winter a "neat freak" when opening a new home

Source link Exclusive: Teddy Soares calls Faye Winter a "neat freak" when opening a new home

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