Exclusive: Love Island’s Greg O’Shea “upside down” for the original after the dissolution

Greg O’Shea Having opened a recent farewell to their two-year girlfriend, they simply explained that they were “not on the same page.”

26 year old After winning with Amber Gil, I found fame at the hit ITV date show Love IslandTalked about a tragic division during an exclusive interview with understood!online About his new fitness app Bet with Greg.

Television personality Greg achieved his goal of traveling around the world in 2021 when he competed in the Olympics and was allowed by Covid-19, but he experienced a farewell and was the worst of the best years of his life. I explained that it was also a year.

“I had a big farewell. It was really emotional. It was really hard because my relationship was always behind the scenes,” he said. understood!

Greg O’Shea opened his recent farewell

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Greg returned to the beginning shortly after leaving Love Island. He shared feeling tired around the girl because she didn’t quite understand the girl’s intentions.

“People only knew me thanks to Love Island, so they really care about my love life or just saw me at my top off. Before the show, And now they want to see me and I’m like “You’re full of s ** t”. I called people that way, “he explained.

But the star felt he “knows their intentions”, so he dated a few people he knew before going to the show. While they didn’t work, he soon realized that he was “falling hard” with a girl he didn’t name.

Greg had a two-year relationship with a mysterious female

“Then I was dating this one girl. I fell in love head over heels, but we weren’t on the same page. We had to call it a day It was really painful but you have to call a spade, a spade. It was awesome. “

Recently Greg I shared my shocking clip that accidentally broke a glass door, Continued: “[The] Dissolution began in November [2021] Time and it was gradual.

“We just got to something like” Look, we’re not on the same page, so just … “. “

Greg said they weren’t “on the same page”

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Rugby star Greg shared that they may have gone different paths, but he still has feelings for her.He said understood!: “I’m still serious about her, but she doesn’t want what I want. She wants to focus on what she’s doing.

“We’ve been together for two years, and I was like,’See what we’re doing here.’ Unfortunately it didn’t work, but we still have that kind of affection for each other. We want to be together, but we’re not on the right page. “

Greg then explained that he managed to get over the farewell while he was “better.” He said: “I knew I would be miserable because we weren’t on the same page, so I handled it really well.

Greg said he “handled” the dissolution fairly well

“You have to put your happiness first. If the glass is empty, you can’t fill someone else’s glass.”

“If we’re on the same page and she wants to focus on her work, but we also want to live in the same place, maybe somewhere …” he added.

As Greg has launched his own fitness app, the title Bettr with Gregg, it’s aimed at everyday people trying to inject some exercise into their lives.

Greg is launching his own fitness app

Greg pledges to set itself apart from other apps and offer more live classes than pre-recorded ones.

“Some people may have recorded a fitness app video a year ago and are now sitting on their a ** e, but I’m going there. That’s going to be a big deal for me. Probably, the problem is I’m going to train anyway, so it’s better to train together. “

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Exclusive: Love Island's Greg O'Shea "upside down" for the original after the dissolution

Source link Exclusive: Love Island's Greg O'Shea "upside down" for the original after the dissolution

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