Exabeam rethinks analytics to meet security needs on a large scale-

Innovative, automated threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) products reveal the industry’s first use case-driven, normative, results-based security solution.

Exabeam, Security analytics and automation companies today announced Exabeam Fusion XDR and Exabeam Fusion SIEM. These are two new and powerful cloud delivery security products that efficiently resolve threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) without disrupting your organization’s existing technology stack. Exabeam Fusion products integrate market-leading behavioral analytics and automation capabilities to provide the industry’s first performance-based approach to security operations (SecOps). The Fusion product line demonstrates an open system approach to enhanced detection and response (XDR) and security information and event management (SIEM), allowing organizations to get an advanced TDIR layer on top of their existing IT and security stacks. To Exabeam has also announced its general availability. TDIR use case package These are integrated into Fusion XDR and Fusion SIEM.

Mark Clasington, CISO of Woodforest National Bank, said: “We’ve been using Exabeam as an XDR because we can see and connect data from far more locations, not just endpoint detection and response solutions.“ Exabeam brings its advanced behavioral analytics and automation capabilities to these advances. It’s exciting to see it packaged in a traditional cloud product. SOC operations rely on ExabeamFusion XDR to detect, investigate, and fix threats more quickly. It’s an essential achievement in the continuous protection of employee and customer data. “

Exabeam is rethinking XDR with the launch of Fusion. Effective SOCs today clearly define the results in line with the TDIR workflow. Products offered in the cloud include normative workflows guided by pre-packaged use case-specific content, allowing security analysts to be external, compromised insiders, or malicious insiders. Defend against today’s common and evolving threats, such as attacks.

Adam Geller, Chief Product Officer at Exabeam, said: “If security analysts are unable to connect points between different systems, malicious attacks will not be detected and will lead to security breaches. Features and feature development by providing ExabeamFusion XDR and ExabeamFusion SIEM from the cloud. At the same time, we can deploy a use case framework that consistently delivers successful results to our customers. “

According to Exabeam sponsorship Ponemon Research A security team investigating 596 IT and IT security personnel spends 12% of their time detecting threats, 36% triage, 26% investigating, and 26% responding. Most security analysis tools on the market today automate only detection and response. The Fusion product line automates 100% of the TDIR workflow, including most of the time it takes security teams to triage and investigate (62%).

Exabeam Fusion combines market-leading behavioral analytics, TDIR automation, and pre-built integration with hundreds of third-party security and productivity tools to overcome weak signals from multiple products and other tools. Find complex threats that you are missing. Customers can easily identify and respond to critical security issues, intrusions, and attacks from a single centralized control plane, significantly increasing analysts’ productivity and reducing response times. Exabeam Fusion products accurately distinguish between normal behavior and unusual activity, apply risk scoring to identify notable users and events, and build SmartTimelines ™ to automatically rebuild security incidents. , Speed ​​up investigation and response.

Ralph Pisani, President of Exabeam, said: “Exabeam Fusion enables organizations to integrate current security tools to more efficiently detect, investigate, and respond to threats without having to rip or replace the entire security stack on a large scale.” Customers can keep existing tools and merge fully automated TDIR layers to the top to take advantage of Exabeam’s rapid innovation, great experience, and faster time to value. “

Gorka Sadowski, Chief Strategy Officer of Exabeam, said: market. “

Exabeam Fusion SIEM includes all the features of Fusion XDR, plus centralized log storage, powerful search, and access to compliance reports. FusionXDR and FusionSIEM are available in two editions, Core and Enterprise, to support organizations of all sizes. For more information Exabeam website Or read blog..

Exabeam rethinks analytics to meet security needs on a large scale-

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