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Ex-wife of a hatred preacher imprisoned to share the “Flame of War 2” ISIS video | UK | News

Khadidja Benboukhemis, 42, was sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of two disseminations of terrorist publications. From June 2014 to November 2017, she was married to former BT electrician Abuizadeen (pre-conversion Trevor Brooks). He was imprisoned for two years in January 2016 after being found on a train in Hungary. Bucharest smuggled abroad via Dover.

Anjem Choudary’s associate and Al Ghurabaa spokesperson, Isadin, was also imprisoned for four and a half years in 2008 for terrorist financing and instigating terrorism abroad.

Ben Bouchemis allowed the materials to be sent last year, but was unaware of the content and claimed that he was “trying to get the recipient’s opinion.”

However, according to PlymouthLive, this was rejected by the judge. The judge said Ben Bouchemis was “intelligent and clear” and was aware of what she shared.

Kingston Crown Court heard one of the accusations related to Ben Bouchemis sending someone a song known as “Nasheed.” This was “explicit encouragement to support the Islamic State.”

Another thing related to the video called “War 2 Flame” that the judge said was “a record of angry heads, executions by setting fire to victims, blasphemy of IS enemy corpses, and killed in Syria. The severed corpse war of children. “

Judge Richmond’s Peter Rodder QC recorder “mixes nearly an hour-long video with footage of Islamic State attacks on western targets, battle scenes, and” glory of IS fighters. ” “.

He states: “This was a very provocative and very shocking material you sent with the aim of facilitating acts of terrorism.”

Courts heard that Ben Bouchemis had a “double life” of working, volunteering and caring for children during the day, but at night “more and more extreme Islamic rhetoric. Immerse yourself in the online world of discussion.

The court heard that she had accused her third husband of being involved in radical Islam, and told protection observers that Isadine encouraged her to study Islamic knowledge.

However, evidence from her phone showed that Ben Bouchemis sent a Whatsapp message that Isadeen was “detained in a prison for worshipers of the cross.” Just because he told the truth. “

Judge Lodder said: “You are familiar with your husband’s loyalty and have shown your support for him.

“You may have been led into a radical world by one or both of your second and third husbands, but it’s clear that you soon became an enthusiastic and devoted ISIS supporter.

“I’m ready to accept that you’re now starting to understand how wrong it was to act like you did, and you should have nothing to do with terrorism in the future. I hope you understand that. “

Ben Bouchemis of Wantage Gardens in Plymouth was imprisoned for three years.

Ex-wife of a hatred preacher imprisoned to share the “Flame of War 2” ISIS video | UK | News

Source Ex-wife of a hatred preacher imprisoned to share the “Flame of War 2” ISIS video | UK | News

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