Everything You Need To Know About Day And Night Blinds

The world of interior design changes a lot, over the course of a year there will be multiple trends that come and go, hundreds of new products that enter the market and it seems like what is “in” can change on almost a day-by-day basis, with trends being all the rage one day and “so last season” the next.

Because of this, most people who aren’t fanatic about their home’s Interior Décor don’t really pay attention to new trends and developments in the world of interior décor, after all why invest all that time keeping up with the trends when you’re not interested in being trendy?

But, ambivalence towards Décor trends can leave you missing out on great products and styles, if you’re not following the trends, you’ll be in the dark when it comes to information about what’s hot. One such trend that a lot of people missed the boat on was Day & Night Blinds.

Day and Night blinds came into the décor scene like a whirlwind, one day no-one knew what a Day and Night blind was and since their arrival on the scene they’ve been a must-have for the décor-savvy. This isn’t just a here today, gone tomorrow trend as we were informed by Blinds Retailer DotcomBlinds“Day and Night Blinds have cemented themselves as a stand out furnishing fit to be listed among other classic blinds like Roman and Venetian blinds” so it’s clear to see the industry has taken notice of these blinds!

So What’s All The Fuss About?

Sheringham Cedar Day & Night Blind

You may be asking yourself: “Why are these new blinds so popular?“ and well, it’s mostly due to their stylish design, which ends up being quite practical in homes. These blinds are made from alternating strips of opaque and transparent material, creating a stripey effect. The blind itself is cassette so that you can line up the slats to either let light into a room or turn the blind into a blackout blind.

This cassette design is what makes these blinds so practical. During the day time you can let natural light pour through your windows, but you maintain the ability to modulate how much light you let into your room and during the night, you can line up the slats to make a blackout blind to keep light pollution at bay and maintain privacy!

Aside from the practical and functional benefits of these Day and Night blinds, they’re also incredibly stylish. The layered strips of opaque and transparent material creates a great stripey look which can make these blinds a feature point in any room and because of the wide amount of colours available, there’s a perfect Day and Night blind for you, no matter what your home’s décor scheme is.

All in all these are great blinds that provide a great level of functionality and can add a touch of style or class to almost any room, with backing from retailers and designers, it’s clear these blinds are here to stay and will be shading our homes for years to come!

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