Even in liberal California, strict vaccines mandate to face resistance

Vaccines have been shown to block the spread of the virus, but groups such as the ACLU also Supportman dating — The actual deployment raises concerns for employers who want less rigorous alternatives to avoid shutdowns.

“Major employers in all sectors of the economy are trying to do the right thing and very strongly support vaccination,” said Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable. .. People are not in favor of this program and will not lose workers, especially now in this economy. “

School officials are the latest in demanding ways to circumvent California’s Covid-19 vaccine requirements.Newsom last month in the country Obligation of the first Covid vaccine for students to attend classes..He ordered the teacher as well Early this fall..

Student missions are still months away, but more and more school supervisors are saying that students are “personal exemptions”, awaiting full FDA approval of shots for children under the age of 16. We are appealing to Newsom and state legislators to ensure that we can opt out through the exemption, which is not present in other childhood vaccines in the state.Currently, tax exemptions are granted under Newsom’s rules, but the legislature You can change it right away..

“If student parents are forced to make a choice next summer, we believe that a much larger group of students will remain outside our school system,” said Steve Titchen, Principal of Merced County. E-mailed an educator obtained by POLITICO on Wednesday. “No matter what I think about the importance of vaccination and the ability to keep people safe, we need to send our students to school.”

Tietjen and other California school officials are concerned that many students, many of whom are considered low-income, remain unvaccinated and are therefore transferred to inferior distance learning programs due to lack of staff. doing. In the state, the pandemic has exacerbated the teacher shortage, and the district is aware that it is not equipped to carry out traditional school offerings along with another distance learning truck.

School leaders and community activists are also concerned about getting black and Latin students out of the classroom, as immunization rates remain low in the color community.

Newsom won praise for issuing the first vaccine or test requirements to state employees this summer as Red State leaders fought Covid’s mitigation measures. “As the largest employer in the state, we set an example and require all states and health care workers to present vaccination certificates or be inspected regularly. The same is true for local governments and businesses. We encourage you to do this, “says Newsam. “Vaccines are the way we end this pandemic.”

However, state agencies have since failed to test about half of unvaccinated employees — and allowed them to continue working. Last month’s report by the Los Angeles Times..

“The governor’s office was leading this, and apparently even they had challenges,” Låpsley said. “It all goes back to flexibility.”

State officials, meanwhile, have categorically argued that prisons cannot be run if employees need to be vaccinated because correctors are more opposed to vaccines than the general public. Despite multiple outbreaks in the near quarter.. Board unions have found Newsom’s allies who have fought prison advocates in court for immunity rather than vaccine or testing options, and the low vaccination rate has led to a significant shortage of prison systems. It warns that it will lead to.

Newsam’s most active vaccination position is so ill-mannered that the Republicans accused him of siding with a prison officer for giving him $ 1.75 million to defeat the September recall. ..

“I explain that the governor, who has done a lot to save the lives of all Californians, will fight hard with the most effective ways to prevent more deaths and illnesses in the prison system. “No,” the Prison Legal Affairs Bureau, which represents the plaintiff in a proceeding against the state, told POLITICO last month.

Concerns about the impact of vaccine mandates on staffing and capacity are reflected in other industries.

United States Postal Service has already stated its obligations Can lead to “high level absenteeism” and affect delivery..

The Western Steel Council, which represents ironworks, has requested the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration to allow more flexible rules. Greg McClelland, Executive Director of Western Steel Council I told state officials in a letter last week, Mandates are subject to a “strict” rule-making process that can be unconventional to employers.

“Many of us were far ahead of the enforcers in digesting and following expert advice on how to prevent the spread of COVID. And as the advice continues to evolve, we change. We continued to change the procedure to respond to the advice we gave, “said the letter.

California OSHA officials have since stagnated plans to proceed with vaccine or testing missions for private employers. After the Cal / OSHA Standards Committee suddenly removed this item from Thursday’s agenda and the U.S. Department of Labor advised the state to “take no further steps to implement” federal requirements, board members on this issue. Refused to discuss. In court.

Even in liberal California, strict vaccines mandate to face resistance

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