European Super League: Major clubs are considering announcing “End football as we know it”

European football faces the greatest crisis in its history as 12 groups of the wealthiest clubs on Sunday considering the announcement of a new Super League plan.

The numbers involved said Independent The weekend was a desperate situation that included “chaotic” discussions between all parties, which was described as a “fight against time.” Uefa will announce plans for the reformed Champions League on Monday, with many changes made at the request of top clubs, and the threat of new competition was initially seen as just “brinkmanship.”

If there is a formal announcement of the Super League, and some feel it could happen on Sunday night, it will go far beyond that and dramatically change the landscape of the game.One of the major European clubs said Independent As we know it will potentially represent the “end of football”.

As a result, officials from various organizations, from the European League to UEFA, did not leave the discussion, discussing the possibility of the club leaving national and continental competitions. Major League Baseball celebrities, including the Premier League, were said to be “aplectic” on Sunday.

Some insiders believe that this is just an attempt from the group to guarantee more income from the Champions League and that Uefa will eventually collapse. Others in the talks emphasized that it was time for the governing body to rise. However, the growing number of stakeholders feels that the situation is now beyond that, and that the threat of the Super League is more realistic than ever.

The announcement disrupts the game, from legal issues with existing competitions to the financial feasibility of numerous clubs across Europe.

That’s why the Super Club, which is understood to be at least five of the “Big Six” of England, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Nazionale, devised this plan. They believe that it is their economic strength and commercial appeal that push European football to the top level. Many club levels involved feel that they no longer have to compromise. There is also the tacit knowledge that millions of supporters around the world are willing to register, regardless of political fallout.

A further problem with tournaments like the Champions League and Premier League is that if the most attractive clubs are sent off or banished, the broadcast contract will be completely violated and the game will recover from the effects of the game, resulting in an economic shock wave to the game. Is to occur. Covid-19 crisis.

As reported by New York Times And The Sunday TimesIn the so-called Super League, before the knockout phase, a mid-week match is played in which the ideal 16 clubs are divided into eight groups. There are currently 12 clubs working on the plan, and French and German clubs haven’t registered yet, but I feel that a formal announcement could move things forward.

It will create a deep crack in the game that will have a hard time recovering in its current form.

European Super League: Major clubs are considering announcing “End football as we know it”

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