European Covid Peak Biden officials concerned may lead to return of masks

In the last two years, the United States has experienced covid waves in Europe – just a few weeks later.

“You have to be at least prepared that we can see something similar here with some differences, because there are always differences,” said Anthony Fauche, President Joe Biden’s chief medical officer. “We must not ignore it. We have to watch him very carefully. “

Officials said in recent days, officials from the White House Covid-19 working group and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have met to find out how the administration will respond if cases increase dramatically. The group discussed the opportunity to recommend communities, restore masked mandates in the building, and how to ensure hospitals across the country are prepared for potential growth in patients seeking help. Officials were also considering whether or not to recommend the fourth shot of Covid-19.

Pfizer on Tuesday Asked the Food and Drug Administration Granting emergency use for the fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine for people over the age of 65 for fear of impaired immunity.

Increased concern among administration officials comes after more than $ 15 billion in Covid-19 funding was suspended in Congress, despite White House officials warning that they could soon lose money to buy or supply life-saving drugs. Free treatment for patients.

This failure, which could affect efforts both domestically and worldwide, May also impede the distribution of tests and masks Just like the increase in cases starts in the US

“People who get sick of losing monoclonal antibodies, this testing plan … is a long list of staff that will really help fight this inevitable BA.2 wave and then the next wave,” said Eric Topol. Professor of Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research. “Nobody wants these waves. But we have to look at the music and the music is not beautiful. ”

Speaking to prominent public health leaders and doctors this week, the administration warned of what could be lost if congressional funding is not forthcoming. Several people on the call were concerned that the CDC’s recent instructions, which said the vast majority of Americans could remove their masks, were undermining the administration’s efforts to reassure Congress and the public that Covid-19 remains a threat.

These people pushed the administration to consider changing its message, especially because of the spread of BA.2.

The White House has not commented on the story and has spoken to reporters about comments made by Speaker Jen Psaki earlier this week that BA.2 could continue to spread across the country, leading to an increase in cases.

In anticipation, Biden officials have been in contact with European health leaders in recent days, asking about the prevalence of subvariant and how hospitals are handling the flow of patients to figure out how such a wave could affect Americans. Officials familiar with the discussions.

The administration believes the increase in the UK is due to a number of factors, including a decline in immunity between vaccines, the transmission of Omicron and subvariant, and the easing of public health restrictions such as mandate masks, two officials said. Many of these factors exist in the US

“All this also happens when immunity is reduced. … Also communities and populations [in Europe] Opened. “They have softened many mitigation strategies – as we have,” CDC Director Rochelle Valensky said during a panel discussion with the Center for Party Policy on Thursday.

While cases are also rising in China, its reliance on its own vaccine and zero Covid policies means that the peaks there may not give us the same clues as to what might happen here. U.S. officials also have more information about what is happening in Europe. Over the past two years, U.S. officials have relied heavily on European data sharing and scientific analysis to help bolster the U.S. response, while communication with China has become more limited.

Kristen Nordlund, CDC spokeswoman, said that although the BA.2 sub-variant has grown in the United States in recent weeks, it is not a dominant option and the administration is not currently seeing an increase in disease severity. country.

Valensky told a panel on Thursday that he expected the U.S. to “see more and more [BA.2]. ”

“It could be a viable option in the coming weeks,” he said.

If a wave like the Covid-19 that is currently moving to Europe hits the United States in the next few months, it is possible that the CDC is still advising Americans to wear masks in a building where public transmission is high, Fauci said.

“The transmission of this virus is really deep. The question is, how much will be bluff in affairs? “Whether the cases turn into a serious illness, which then turns into hospitalization,” Fauci said. As the CDC said when it came out with the new metrics, any change in the templates should be satisfied by returning any relevant mitigation. I think people have forgotten that. “

European Covid Peak Biden officials concerned may lead to return of masks

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