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EU leader tells Britain ‘it’s time to end Brexit’ over Northern Ireland Protocol | Political news

European Commission Vice-President Maros Sefchovich has said that “it’s time for us to end Brexit” as the latter slandered the Northern Ireland Protocol against the Boris Johnson government.

Mr Sefkovic told an audience in London that UK legislation to tear down parts of the protocol governing Brexit trade deals with Northern Ireland would simply “not work”.

He warned that the “shadow” cast by the dispute would make Brussels more vigilant to continue to allow British businesses access to financial services, data and some food markets.

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The termination of the so-called “mutual recognition” of regulations in these areas could be a possibility as the UK changes its standards, Mr Sefkovic said, adding that Brussels would “pay close attention to development”.

The protocol was developed to prevent the return of the hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

But the bottom line is that goods exported from the UK to Northern Ireland are subject to customs controls, which infuriates trade unionists who refuse to join the distribution of power until that has changed.

Great Britain has rejected the EU proposals to solve the deadlock.

Brussels says they will reduce inspections of some products by 80, halve customs clearance, and allow the movement of some goods that would otherwise be restricted, such as sausages.

Sefkovic said that Brexit had increased bureaucrats, damaged businesses on both sides of the aisle, but that the EU now wanted to move from “an EU-UK to a truly strategic partnership”.

He accused Britain of “my way or the highway” approach.

“We are in a really difficult situation, which, of course, will not go away,” he added.

“You may not often hear this from the European Commissioner, but it is high time we ended Brexit.”

Mr Sefkovich’s comments echoed Boris Johnson’s 2019 campaign promise.

They made the remarks at Bloomberg Financial News և London’s headquarters, where in 2013 David Cameron announced his intention to hold a referendum on EU membership.

Mr Sefkovich said the EU “has its limits” in what it can offer: it must protect the integrity of the single market. He said it was unrealistic and unfair that the UK expected that “all barriers could be removed once goods were transported from the rest of the UK to Northern Ireland”.

“After Brexit, before Brexit, the reality is no other,” Sefchovich added.

He said the UK’s “unilateral change of game to determine what enters the EU single market” was a “clear violation of international law”.

Mr Sefkovich said Britain’s plan to repeal the protocol “would lead to permanent uncertainty”.

“London ministers will be free to change the rules at will.

“The dual regulatory regime, where businesses choose EU or UK regulations, will bury them under a mountain of bureaucracy.”

Mr Sefkovich argued that in the context of the stability and legality of the protocols, Northern Ireland could enjoy “water on both sides of the bread” due to its unique position, making it a magnet for investment.

The speech comes days after the Prime Minister’s plan to cancel the protocol Cleared its first Commons ban despite fierce criticism from former Prime Minister Theresa May.

Earlier this month, Mr. Sefchovich answered The resumption of legal action against the UK for allegedly violating the EU Exit Treaty, as well as by launching two new legal violations.

EU leader tells Britain ‘it’s time to end Brexit’ over Northern Ireland Protocol | Political news

Source EU leader tells Britain ‘it’s time to end Brexit’ over Northern Ireland Protocol | Political news

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