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Damage caused by a disaster Brussels This week, the EU threatened to cut UK vaccine supplies and scrambled to defend its actions after causing controversy. Article 16 European Commission President of Brexit Agreement to Effectively Build Severe Borders on Irish Island Ursula von de Araien After a tense call with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he reverted to the invasion of Brock, and the issue of stability throughout the Irish Sea resurfaced. Police are currently monitoring “stress” and “increasing dissatisfaction” within the border community, and recently frustrated graffiti has pose a “sinister” threat to staff.

The UK and EU then held a de facto meeting to remedy the issue, and a joint statement released Wednesday announced that the negotiations were “constructive.”

Nonetheless, renowned British historian Robert Tombs has told that he has some tips on how to use his dissatisfaction in Britain for his own purposes, bringing existing anger to the fore. I did.

He looked back on the negotiation process that took place four years ago. Brexit trading It was struck.

At that time, polarization became an important feature of Britain, effectively dividing the country into Leave and Remain.

EU News: Brock Benefited Britain’s Split During Britain’s Brexit Negotiations (Image: Getty)

Northern Ireland: Tensions in the Irish border region have recently surfaced (Image: Getty)

Although the EU did not have the privilege of reaching out to the field, the Brussels figures participated in the national debate and appeared to be further divided among voters.

Guy VerhofstadtThe former Brexit Coordinator of the European Parliament visited London in 2019 to discuss on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party’s “B ****** to Brexit” campaign.

At that time, he urged the rest of Britain’s voters to vote for the party of then-Liberal Democratic Party leader Jo Swinson. Because it was the “most pro-European” party in Britain.

With twists and turns in both Westminster and Brussels, Britain’s Brexit negotiator David Frost and his corresponding Michel Barnier traveled countless times to each other’s homes to navigate the terms and conditions. Did.

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Guy Verhofstadt: European politicians opposed Brexit on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party (Image: Getty)

At the final stage, the President of the European Council is facing increasing tensions in the country. Charles Michel He refused to give in to Britain’s claim that the EU would radically change its bargaining stance.

He argued that if Britain wanted to maintain access to the EU market, it would have to continue to open water to EU fishermen.

Professor Tombs explained that the pressure at home due to the Leave-Remain split meant that Brussels took advantage of such demands.

He states: “We have already turned on each other and I think the EU has benefited from it in the sense that negotiations with the divided countries are much easier.

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Charles Michel: President of the European Council refuses to make concessions to Britain (Image: Getty)

Robert Tombs: Historians said the British did the job of turning each other on (Image: Getty)

“The EU has always been on the move about how it was unified.

“On the other hand, we were certainly divided.

“I have many people EU negotiator, Politicians, and in fact the general public did not really believe that Brexit would occur. They thought it would simply be revoked, just as votes in other countries were revoked.

“And I think some remnants at least encouraged this belief and made it much harder for Britain to negotiate with the EU.”

Brexit Endgame: Events leading up to Brexit (Image: Express newspaper)

The UK’s Brexit Agreement was signed on December 24, 2020, at the 11th hour.

Johnson explained that Britain has allowed the cake to “eat it.”

He insisted that Britain would have Free trade With the EU.

But when pushed, he refused to admit the fact that it meant a new barrier to trade.

In the end, even the rest were released in a Brexit agreement with the Prime Minister who campaigned to leave the EU.

Paul Enbury: Trade unionists say Britain has the opportunity to pursue state-led efforts (Image: Youtube / TheGuardian)

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer -Conceived as one of the leading architects in the referendum-Whipped his lawmakers to uphold the bill at the House of Commons.

521 votes became 73 votes.

No customs duties or taxes are levied on imports from the EU.

However, there was a problem with teething. There is more paperwork in the freight industry, new rules for traveling to the EU and more.

Trade union leader and trade union member Paul Enbury told that the deal and the release of the UK from the EU have led to state aid, manufacturing, industry and much more. He said he could regain control of the matter. ..

“We are now able to repatriate those forces and are free to pursue them in the future,” he said.

‘This sovereign aisle, published by Allen Lane, is now out.

EU Anger: Block’s bitter conspiracy to weaken Britain’s position in negotiations using the Brexit sector | UK | News

Source EU Anger: Block’s bitter conspiracy to weaken Britain’s position in negotiations using the Brexit sector | UK | News

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