Essential Crystal Buying Tips for Every Beginner

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals and stones with a crystalline nature, and they are popularly known for their healing powers. Many people identify with crystals as the mother earth’s gift for us to resonate with the universe. For centuries, crystal therapy has been around, and people have used crystals on or around the body for healing benefits.

The truth is, there are more than 3000minerals on the earth’s surface, all with a crystalline nature. They are identifiable based on their color, structure, and transparency. For newbies, it might be challenging to choose between the various crystals, but here are essential crystal buying tips for everyone.

Understand your crystals

It is vital to have at least an understanding of crystals before contacting a crystals vendor. There is a wide range of crystals in the market with distinct properties that separate one from the other. You might select some crystals for their looks. For instance, some people like amethyst because of its striking purple color or fluorite for its fluorescent glow, especially when struck with a UV light. But do not buy a crystal based on looks alone. Ensure you know how it resonates with you to make a better choice.

Look for a trustworthy vendor

Ensure you invest your time to find a reputable and trustworthy crystals vendor. If you are looking to buy wholesale crystals online or locally, ensure they are ethically sourced and the real deal.

Consider the healing properties of crystals

It is okay to buy crystals because of their beautiful sheen, but they also have some healing properties. If you are looking for the healing properties of crystals, here are some of the crystals to consider.

Many people wear crystals that they believe have a certain healing aspect that they lack.

Beware of fake crystals

Not all glittering crystals are real, so beware of fakes. There are plenty of scammers selling fake stones in the name of crystals. It might be a little challenging to discern genuine crystals from fake ones if you are a beginner.  But here are some of the features to evaluate to determine legit crystals from fake ones.

  1. Dyes- genuine crystals look solid, while fake ones have cracks. For instance, a genuine turquoise has a natural color and an expensive tag, while a fake one might show weird cracks due to the application of dyes.
  2. Irradiation- irradiated stones refer to rocks coated with different metals through heat to enhance their surface look. Although they may shine brightly, they are artificial, therefore not natural crystals.
  3. The price tag- genuine crystals come at a higher price and look natural, while fakes are cheaper and appear artificial.

Check the product information before purchase

The crystal listing should contain detailed information about the product, including the type, condition, size, and other notable properties. Also, check its reviews before purchasing. Also, researching where the crystal comes from can help you find the right supplier.

The final words

With these tips and extensive research, you can purchase genuine crystals at a relative bargain.



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