Eric Dier says Dele Alli brings a different dimension to Tottenham

Tottenham Defender Eric Dier To tell Dele Alli Brought another dimension to his side With a 4-0 Premier League victory over Sheffield United..

Alli has endured a difficult season frozen by a former boss Jose Mourinho, But Ryan mason Handed him just the third league start of the season against Blade at Front 4 Harry Kane, Son Heung Min And Gareth veil..

It was an impressive and aggressive display by the Spurs, and Alli-although sometimes a bit rusty-played an important link in the number 10 role.

Dier, a big companion to Alli, revealed that the 25-year-old is working hard for a chance.

“I thought he played really well. From the inside, I can say he worked really hard and was really well trained,” he said. “And against Sheffield United, he put it on the pitch.

“Everyone knows his qualities, but I think he has a lot of qualities that are often overlooked. The amount of second ball he won, the amount he ran and pressed for the team.

“He’s always obsessed with the game. It’s like having a string on the ball. He’s always attached to the game and it’s of great quality.”

Dier had a pretty quiet night against Blade. In short, he had a great view of the thrilling Tottenham display.

Bale stole the headline with a sublime hat-trick, and Son scored the game with a brilliant curling effort. And Deer enjoyed the front row seats.

“Obviously it feels very good. Playing behind them is a luxury and with all their qualities I think they complement each other really well,” he added.

“They have slightly different qualities, and it’s fun to play with them.

“There’s a lot of firepower out there, and a lot to back it up-their history, their goals and assists, and what they did in the game.

“I think we have a lot of quality in advance, even when we’re off the bench. We have a lot of quality in the attack and the opposition doesn’t try to stand up to this. Also included are Lucas Moura, Stephen Belfwin and Eric Lamela.

“We have a lot of options, all of which no one wants to play against.”


Eric Dier says Dele Alli brings a different dimension to Tottenham

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