Equinox Focuses on London IPO of UK Homemade Medical Cannabis

Domestic Business: Medical cannabis company Equinox is preparing for an IPO in London with a view to ending its dependence on UK imports.

  • The UK is currently importing 100% of the medical cannabis legalized in 2018
  • Homemade cannabis is not “expensive, complex and time consuming”.
  • The UK medical cannabis market will have a £ 7.5bn ready market by 2028

Equinox International, a medical cannabis business, plans to fund a “state-of-the-art” cultivation, extraction and production facility on a 20-acre site listed on the London Stock Exchange and approved by the UK Interior Ministry.

The self-proclaimed “British Cannabis Champion” Equinox, the UK’s first “land-to-brand” vertically integrated medical cannabis company, offers retail investors the opportunity to access an IPO via the site Primary Bid.

The UK is currently importing 100% of the medical cannabis legalized in 2018, and Equinox is procuring “costs, complexity” while improving quality, monitoring and growth potential with its self-developed solutions. Now, it says that it can save time.

Co-founder and CEO of Equinox Xan Morgan said:

Equinox has one of the first commercial-scale medical cannabis cultivation and production licenses issued by the Ministry of Interior and wants to build a revenue pipeline through NHS medical sales and strategic supply partnerships after an IPO. ..

He told investors Thursday that the IPO would allow him to take advantage of the “first pioneer advantage” while at the same time gaining access to growth capital for facility development and R & D.

The IPO will also bring the company “improved profile and visibility across the UK and international cannabis markets.”

Equinox hasn’t yet confirmed its IPO funding goals, but This is Money understands that the company is currently meeting with potential investors, and once the book was created, it was evaluated and raised. Update the market with information about funding.

Currently, there are no funding goals, but £ 10m in funding is subject to EIS and VCT-related tax exemptions.

The cannabis industry is projected to be worth $ 57 billion by 2027, according to data from Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics.

Most countries still ban the supply of recreational cannabis, but many have legalized medical cannabis in recent years.

THC, a cannabis psychotropic drug that raises people, is still banned in the UK, but another chemical, CBD, was legalized for medical use in 2018.

The Center for Medicinal Cannabis argues that the UK CBD market is currently worth £ 300 million and could reach £ 1 billion by 2025 as further research on its health benefits becomes apparent. I am.

However, Equinox itself is more daring in its forecasts, aiming for a £ 7.5bn addressable market by 2028 and could be one of the largest. [medical cannabis markets] in the world’.

The stock price of the cannabis company’s gold crusher has been struggling since it went public earlier this year.

Cellular goods backed by David Beckham have also fallen, but have improved ever since.

The rise of a fledgling psychedelic company

Compass Pathways, a British mental health care company, uses psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound in magic mushrooms.

Promising advances in treating depression are also spotlighting start-ups seeking to create legitimate psychedelic medicine.

However, companies in this area are using psychedelics, which are illegal for personal use, to conduct tests in areas where the success or failure of the test can make a big difference.

Here, we will look at emerging psychedelic treatment companies.

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The company will be one of several marijuana companies listed in the UK since 2018, including medical product developers. Gold crusher Supported by David Beckham Cellular goods..

Such stocks are risky for investors and tend to resemble investments in emerging biotechnology.

Co-founder and CEO of Equinox Xan Morgan said:

“Our wholesale distribution strategy and land-to-brand focus enable us to become a vertically integrated medical cannabis leader with consistent, high-quality products.

“The experience of our leadership team in project implementation, operations management, strategic governance and business development puts us in a good position to maximize this exciting opportunity.

“Through the creation of IP protective formulations for proprietary cultivation, NHS medical sales and strategic supply partnerships, we may target a significant share of the projected £ 7.5 billion market in the UK by 2028. . “


Equinox Focuses on London IPO of UK Homemade Medical Cannabis

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