Enya shares sadness in honor of her brother after a tragic death

Enya, the most famous singer of the hit song Orinoco Flow, used Instagram to share a rare official statement with 108,000 followers after her brother’s tragic death.

60-year-old Enya joined social media after the death of her brother Leon Brennan, who worked behind the scenes of the Clannad band, the band that started Enya’s career before becoming a solo. In addition, my sister Moya has also appeared.

Leon died peacefully at home surrounded by his family.

Enya made a rare statement on her Instagram page, where she shared her gloomy photo and wrote about Leon.

Enya issued a rare public statement to pay homage to her brother after his tragic death

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She writes: “It is a deep and terrible sadness to announce the death of my beloved brother, Leon.”

She continued. “He was not only my brother, but my beloved best friend. My love for him will remain in my heart forever.”

Enya urged fans to respect her privacy during this difficult time.

She states: “We seek privacy at this time, not just for me, but for the whole family.”

She ended the post by signing her name, and fans immediately took her to the post to share their condolences.

Enya sought the privacy of her and her family during this sad time

One person wrote: I pray for you and your family! “

Another pen: “I’m sorry I lost Enya” followed by a red heart emoji.

Third share: “Condolences” followed by sad face emojis and pink flower emojis.

The Caribbean blue singer also shared her tribute to her “beloved brother” on Twitter, flooded with messages of condolences from fans.

One person wrote: Sleep peacefully My brother misses you, but see you soon. “

Another co-owner: “I’m sorry I lost Enya. I sympathize with you, your mother, and all the members of the Brennan family. RIP Leon.”

Enya rarely makes public statements, but uses social media to pay homage to her “beloved brother.”

Enya is best known for the hit song Orinoco Flow released in 1988.

While the third pen is writing: “Words never justify what someone actually feels to others at the sad times you are feeling now, but you and yours Prayer and peace for the family are beautiful. “

Leon and Enya’s sister Moya Brennan also pays homage to her brother, writing that she was “broken heart” at his death.

She says, “I know he has touched the lives of many people around the world. He feels very lonely.”

Enya shares sadness in honor of her brother after a tragic death

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