Enterprises need to be smart about iOS security

Allegedly affected Xcode Ghost malware attack 128 million iOS users This is a good example of the kind of advanced attacks that every user needs to be prepared to defend as the platform becomes inherently more secure.

Designer label malware

XcodeGhost This was an intelligent exploit that appeared as a copy of malware-infected Xcode available from a website for Chinese developers. Developers in this area downloaded it because the local network was unreliable and was easier to obtain than the actual code.

Software built using these copies of Xcode was infused with malware, but at a very low level, far behind Apple’s boundary level of trust, many corrupted apps. Has gone through the App Store review process. As a result, the infection has invaded over 4,000 apps and the devices of millions of users.

Apple’s internal email, which was previously confidential and revealed in a recent proceeding, is roughly 128 million customers I have been affected.

recently, Similar attempt To Seed developer with a corrupted version of Xcode called XcodeSpy..And last year I saw an attempt to infect Apple’s ecosystem Use the GitHub repository As a thief code ship.

There are also attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in iOS to allow hackers to launch man-in-the-middle attacks that hijack communication between managed iOS devices and MDM solutions.

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Enterprises need to be smart about iOS security

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