Enterprise communications leader – Welltel

the industry-leading giant CX Genesys and encourages rebranding to – DigitalWell – which reflects the group’s increased capacity

Enterprise communications company Welltel has announced two major acquisitions that will accelerate the firm’s growth ambitions and consolidate its position as market leaders across Europe. With this milestone, the business also advertises its rebranding DigitalWell – better demonstrates its breadth of services and deep industry expertise in enterprise communication technologies and consultancy.

DigitalWell, formerly Welltel, is committed to promoting a world-class customer experience for the 3000+ businesses it serves worldwide, and these common million euro markets are in line with DigitalWell’s future growth strategy. Has grown from € 8 million [c.£6.8 million] in 2018 to € 45 million [c.£38.3 million] in 2021 – an increase of 462% – DigitalWell expects 30% annual growth in enterprise communications technologies over the next three years and is expected to grow to over 500 by 2027.

Eleven, customer service consultancy works with global organizations with contact centers across all customer contact points to create exceptional customer experiences, developing intuitive ways to engage and deliver across all communication channels.

Multimedia contact center and customer service solutions company Wren Data is also on a revolutionary journey that brings the employee engagement and customer service specialist into the DigitalWell folder.

Both Wren Data and Eleven have a long history with the multi-billion cloud-based software company Genesys – a specialist in technologies that enhance, predict and measure customer experience success. This, combined with its relationship with key customer experience technologies such as Avaya, Verint, Centrical & Microsoft, will be critical to positioning DigitalWell as a force de majeure in the enterprise communications industry, which is in its own maturity for submission.

Significant partnership with Genesys is created by bringing Data eleven and Wren under the umbrella of DigitalWell, which reinforces its position as a customer experience specialist in technologies that drive successful contact center experiences and business results.

As part of DigitalWell’s hyper-growth journey, the acquisitions represent the coming together of a group of specialized communications companies. It will increase its staff to more than 230 people and increase operations to more than 63 countries, enabling the firm to anticipate and exceed the needs of its customers, including heavyweight companies in various sectors such as Permanent TSB, AXA, Air BnB and Fexco.

Ross Murray, Chief Executive, DigitalWell, says:“The acquisition of Eleven Data and Wren supports our ambition to secure our strategic direction in terms of product portfolio and international expansion. Both businesses are an invaluable and strategic asset to DigitalWell, and come at a critical juncture in our rebranding journey, as we aim to become one of the largest cloud-focused voice and contact center specialists in Ireland and beyond in the distance. They are also timely from an industry perspective as the communications industry is in dire need of disruption: rapid settlement solutions over the last two years to meet the needs of a remote and hybrid workforce are now failing contact centers as numbers increase the calls and the demand for. flexibility creates pain points for businesses, their employees and end customers. This is outside the recruitment crisis in which the world of contact centers is obsolete. Eleven and the Best Wren in the Breed and when they come together under the unified brand of DigitalWell we are positioned as a strategic partner for Genesys, meaning our customers benefit from exceptional experiences and sustainable, systematic solutions to challenges such as seo. ”

The acquisitions and rebranding take effect immediately. DigitalWell customers will benefit from:

  • additional technical talents, experience and business logic from acquired companies capable of solving legacy problems and driving business
  • innovative approaches that keep experiences up to date and in line with customer needs
  • A strategic partnership with Genesys that will enable the customer experience to be enhanced, anticipated and measured
  • better understanding and anticipation of consumer insights and behaviors
  • automated technologies to enhance employee experience and drive staff retention

Albert Keating, Managing Director, Eleven says:We set up eleven to fill a gap in the market where there was a lack of genuine end-user care, where communication challenges were being solved from an IT-only perspective. Care and empathy for the end user remain at the heart of our mission as we move under the umbrella of DigitalWell. This means that DigitalWell customers will benefit from an enhanced experience, truly created – and supported – by their perspective. ”

Martin Browne, Managing Director, Wren Data adds: “We are excited to be part of DigitalWell’s growth journey, offering our customers a commendable experience based on our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences through innovation. Between world-class business logic and Employee Experience gaming, we are ready to bring our talented game-changing team and talented team to the DigitalWell table. ”

Enterprise communications leader – Welltel

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