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AIsn’t the Las Vegas casino intended to be a tough operator who doesn’t refuse to answer? It turns out that MGM Resorts doesn’t fit the caricature. Entain, the owner of Ladbrokes and Coral, rejected MGM’s £ 8bn acquisition offer two weeks ago, and a frank refusal did the job. US companies have gone away and tweeted about the “discipline” of bidding. This is usually an abbreviation for not being able to afford what you want.

This sequence of events is amazing, but not so big. Entertain’s hands in this negotiation, or non-negotiation, have always been decent. First, the board of directors gained the support of major shareholders by rejecting the offer for all shares of MGM. There was even a macho story among investors that US companies were 20th century land-based Luddites desperately seeking Entain’s whimsical online gambling technology.

Chat was a bit overkill, as Entain also comes with a 3,000 old school high street bookmaker in the UK, but MGM’s lack of technical expertise is a reality. This was a product of historically strict US gambling law, and the Panther had to go directly to places like Las Vegas. So when the United States began liberalizing its rules a few years ago, MGM adopted Entain for a 50/50 joint venture in the United States called BetMGM.

MGM clearly wanted control of a US venture, but the other problem was that it was already pushing the limits of affordability. At £ 13.83 per share, the all-share proposal would result in Entain’s shareholders appearing at 41.5% of the expanded MGM. If conditions improve and some Entain shareholders want more, the deal will begin to look more like a merger than an acquisition.

Both sides will now have to fill in all the pain and focus on the success of the US joint venture. If analysts predict correctly, the US market could be worth $ 25 billion within a few years, but is now about $ 1 billion. It should focus your mind.

We can commend a rare example of long-termism on the part of the UK Board of Directors and UK shareholders. In a blockade panic last March, Entain’s stock fell to 300 pence, so it couldn’t refuse £ 13.83. If only such hyperopia was more common. Appropriate tech companies such as Arm Holdings have been sold down the river in the past.

Deliveroo dances with Wolfson

This is an easy way to increase your credibility as a levitation candidate. Hire Next’s Simon Wolfson, who tends to appear at or near the top of the “Most Admired CEO” list, as a non-executive board member.

Deliveroo’s mini coup. Wolfson had never done a part-time external gig and would have given a hard kick to a food delivery company’s tires before signing up. Fidelity, a large investor at both companies, seems to have provided a referral and will be pleased. Saying that Deliveroo might be worth £ 5 billion, it now sounds a bit unfantasy.

But other next shareholders may be in trouble. And I wonder if Wolfson is thinking of retiring to the back bench of the conference room after almost 20 years of post.

Some people strongly suspect that this is not the case. Wolfson’s explanation that Deliveroo uses “advanced technology” like Next sounds plausible. Translation: Seeing internally how other companies are buying IT can be useful in your day-to-day operations. However, one extracurricular activity will suffice.

Financial companies have to face Hong Kong’s problems

A sign of the times? Elliott Management, a huge US hedge fund, has closed its Hong Kong office and is switching staff to Tokyo and London, FT reports.

Elliott did not link this decision to Beijing’s imposition of strict security legislation on Hong Kong, but he rarely makes political statements when financial institutions do not need it. Globally active companies managing $ 40 billion are usually expected to maintain their presence in Hong Kong, Asia’s premier financial hub. Now, after spending 15 years in the area, Elliott is leaving.

This move should certainly encourage self-examination elsewhere. The HSBC seems ready to be bullied by Beijing for commercial survival, even in terms of freezing pre-democratic activist accounts, but there is no reason for a nimble company to remain in place. Capital is liquid and is often said to be socially responsible these days. Regardless of Elliott’s motives, the financial company’s board should ask Hong Kong.

Entain plays a strong role in hyperopia shows | Business

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