Ensuring long-term stability in the Central African Republic

Thank you, Mr. President.

The UK welcomes the renewal of MINUSCA’s mandate and appreciates France’s efforts as a penholder to reconcile the differing views of the Board members.

The delegation made a difficult compromise.

The UK is disappointed that it has lost its responsibility to protect the agreed language. However, we believe that the government of the Central African Republic still bears the primary responsibility of protecting all civilians from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, and that this issue will be an important element of future discussions. I insist that it will continue.

This mission update comes in a difficult political and security situation, and MINUSCA itself faces significant challenges. However, the mission continues to play an important role in helping build long-term peace in the Central African Republic. We also recognize the views expressed by our A3 partners and welcome the recent overall decline in SOFA violations, but remain deeply concerned about government-imposed restrictions on night flights.

Such restrictions limit MINUSCA’s ability to carry out its mandates and jeopardize the safety and security of peacekeepers and civilians. We support new language in the mandate to address this important issue. And we urge the authorities to ensure unhindered and immediate access to MINUSCA’s freedom of movement throughout the territory of the Central African Republic, including by air and at night, as stipulated in the mission’s SOFA. do.

Mr. President, this mandate allows MINUSCA to continue to provide effective assistance to the long-term stability of the country. It is now up to the government to deliver on its promises. To protect citizens and human rights. Take decisive steps towards a peace agreement. Protect MINUSCA’s freedom of movement.

Thank you very much.

https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/ensuring-long-term-stability-in-the-central-african-republic–2 Ensuring long-term stability in the Central African Republic

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