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Ensuring accountability for the most serious crimes committed in Darfur

Thank you, President.

First, I would like to thank the prosecutor for his 33rd report on the situation in Darfur under Security Resolution 1593. This is her final report to the board in that position.

The UK would like to express its deepest gratitude to the prosecutor for her unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice over the last nine years. The continued work of Ms. Fatu Bensuda and her team has played an important role in efforts to ensure accountability for the most serious crimes committed in Darfur.

The president continues to characterize the situation in Darfur with community violence that results in the death of civilians and massive evacuation, as prosecutors detail in her report.

We call for an immediate end to ongoing violence throughout Sudan. In this regard, we also urge the Government of Sudan to swiftly implement a national plan for the protection of civilians, and crimes committed before, during and after the Revolution to make the transition to Sudan successful. Emphasize the need for accountability for.

The President of the United Kingdom praises the constructive and sustainable dialogue between the ICC and the Government of Sudan. This included facilitating evidence gathering and access to witnesses, and significant progress was made in the proceedings against Abd Allafman. .. Here we especially welcome the prosecutor’s historic visit to Sudan, especially Darfur. This gave her the opportunity to interact with the victims and the affected communities.

These positive developments are a testament to the meaningful involvement of the government in court and the true efforts to implement the transitional justice provisions of the Juba Peace Agreement. We urge the Government of Sudan to strengthen this active cooperation, especially by facilitating the rapid transfer of Mr. Harun to court, who will be brought to court with Mr. Abd Allafman. We believe that a single trial of these two people accused together is essential to prevent the victims and witnesses from being hurt again through multiple trials. Britain’s Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan have raised the need to urgently transfer Mr. Khartoum to the Sudanese government this week in Khartoum.

The British President is ready to assist the court and the Sudanese government in promoting four ICC arrest warrants that remain unresolved in the situation in Darfur, calling for the surrender of Mr. Banda, who remains fleeing the court. I am.

Finally, I would like to record my appreciation for the excellent cooperation between the United Nations and the Public Prosecutors Office. In this regard, it also emphasizes the role UNITAMS can play in supporting the Sudanese government working to provide accountability and justice to Darfur.

Finally, as part of our broad support for Sudan’s transition to full democracy, the President will support the United Kingdom in making significant progress by the Sudanese government to respond to the Sudanese people’s call for justice and accountability. I would like to reiterate.

Ensuring accountability for the most serious crimes committed in Darfur

SourceEnsuring accountability for the most serious crimes committed in Darfur

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