Ensemble 360 ​​Doncaster Cast November 13, 2021

“This is a strange program. I like it,” said pianist Tim. Now, when the magnificent oboe sonatas mix with the fascinating violin sonatas and the glorious cello sonatas, everything is brilliantly and passionately played by fascinating musicians, what do you dislike? – Especially when these valuable musicians get together in a delicious, unusual combination for a stunning finale quartet to chill pre-Christmas cakes abundantly with ice. In a musical conversation with Tim Hortons on the piano, Adrian Wilson’s soaring singing oboe played Camille Saint-Saens sonatas on D Op 166 (with his help). As a child prodigy, Saint-Saens was able to memorize all Beethoven’s sonatas at the age of 10. He composed the oboe sonatas, but in the mid-1980s, at the end of his life, he was enthusiastic about providing two works for the wind, as well as works of instruments of unprecedented value. was. Composed in 1921, this rich piece is not only full of gentle, feather-light delicacy and melancholy nostalgia, but also a magnificent oboe trilling with the piano, smart and proud. You can stir your soul even more at high heights. Czech composer Janacek began violin and piano sonatas during World War I. Its final version appeared in 1922. Claudia Ajmone-Marsane rocks the range of technical, rhythmic and emotional challenges as music moves from sudden explosions and troubled emotional disturbances to quieter, melancholic moments. Played wonderfully. Janacek was said to have been a big fan of notation, the strength of human speech patterns, intonations, and transcriptions that show how moods and meanings can be conveyed without the need for actual words. rice field. Not only does it reflect sudden surprises and warnings in case of trouble, you may wonder if various of his friends often have coughing, sneezing, and hoarseness in the throat! A real treat of an interesting piece. Pianist Tim introduced Brahms’ Cello Sonata No. 2 at F Op 99, claiming he loves all the notes. (He also pointed out that the opening note resembles a particular Bernstein composer sung by Maria and Tony – tonight). As usual, cellist Gemma Rosefield in red shoes puts her heart and considerable musical expertise into warm melody, how to play the piano, gloomy depth and fiery height, and is thrilling. The finale of the piano, oboe, Boffslav Martin’s 1947 highly complex quartet violin and cellist, urgent weaving, melodic winding songs, dramatic between four instruments full of rhythmic energy. Musical conversation. This exciting and colorful piece is dedicated to music lover Leopold Mannes, who also invented the Kodachrome color film. It’s a big pity that the quartet didn’t get as long as the first roll of film. Another great, friendly, round night of top-class music, played by top-class music that loves to play it. wonderful.Eileen Kaiger Gray

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Ensemble 360 ​​Doncaster Cast November 13, 2021

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