English batters cannot fire again – second day of final ash test

England finished the second day of the final ashes test, cursing another desperate batting display and rolling over to 188 to give control of the match.

A total of 17 wickets fell as the ball dominated in the floodlight collision at. Hobart But the decisive factor was the 10 British ticket gates that passed through the middle.

Australia is ahead of 152, Steve smith We are in a position to extend our advantage on the third day.

Today’s quote

Stuart Broad.

when Stuart Broad When he approached the crease early in the day’s play, he stopped running, it wasn’t immediately clear what surprised him. Fortunately for Britain, it wasn’t another injury, but it was the sight of a mobile camera sprinting at the edge of the border behind the back of the wicket keeper. Broad’s reaction was one of the most unexpected utterances I heard on a stump mic and quickly became a hot topic on social media.

Magic number

  • 147 over 50.1 (Brisbane)
  • 236 (Adelaide) over 84.1
  • 185 (Melbourne) over 65.1
  • 79.1 294 (Sydney)
  • 47.4 188 (Hobert)

The biggest problem affecting Britain was the inability to hold the bat in hand and get in shape repeatedly. In the first five attempts of the series, they couldn’t put pressure on Australia on a daily basis. That is, they usually spend the second half of the game scrambling to save Australia.

Burns saves his white man, but his ticket gate does not

Handed a test recall after two games on the sidelines, Rory Burns He had another painful day in the office as he was short for ducks from the edge of the non-striker.There is almost no doubt about the call from Zack Crawley Annoying him, but a former Australian captain Ricky Ponting Those who have never missed a chance to put their boots on an old enemy argued that left-handers should also take part in their responsibilities as they failed to dive when his predicament became apparent. Burns saved his laundry bill himself, but may have sacrificed another chance.

Robinson in the limelight

Olly Robinson has something to do in his fitness (Jason O’Brien / PA)

(PA wire)

There were some difficult words from England bowling coach John Lewis Olly Robinson On the first day he suffered from back cramps that limited him to just 8 overs. He was impressed with his skills, but concerns about his fitness are now in the public domain. Sussex’s Seamer was noticeably absent from the morning session and was demoted to 11th in batting order, abandoning his new ball mission: Chris Walks When he returned to the attack in two Australian innings. Robinson has a chance to become a major player in England in the coming years, but this was an unfortunate episode that required a response.

English batters cannot fire again – second day of final ash test

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