England is not impressed with the decision to exclude early ticket gates – John Lewis

Bowling coach John Lewis admitted England I was not impressed with the decision to exclude early new Zealand The ticket gate as Blackcaps maintained a premium chance on the second day of the second test at Edgbaston.

If there was a field referee when Devon Conway was edging, tourists would have been two-tenths and 32 years old. Stuart Broad On the third slip.

However, Zack Crawley’s low take was uncertain enough to require a third referee, Michael Goff, to review the replay.

Stuart Broad (right) speaks to the referee

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As soon as Richard Kettleborough gave the batter a “soft signal” in favor, it could always end in an amnesty, but the balance of suspicion was probably leaning in favor of Broad.

Broad visibly smoked and clarified his position, but New Zealand was free to make another 105 runs before Conway fell into the same combination at 80. Joe Root Dropping from Will Young’s bat will later cost England another 75 runs.

New Zealand lost one more wicket before the stump, and Young became the first test scalp of part-time spinner Dan Lawrence, finishing 3:74 at 229.

Lewis was dispatched to speak for the team, Broad was wary of saying something that would probably draw more attention from his father. Chris Who is the referee for the ICC match?

Devon Conway active in New Zealand

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“The reaction in the field showed that they were clearly frustrated by it,” he said of the decision.

“It’s a sport and we divide our opinion. New Zealand will be happy, we will be frustrated. But the question is really whether we need a soft signal. Should we have one or not? Can people outside the field make a decision?

“You have to ask a question, do you need it? Should the life of the official be as easy as possible?”

After backing up the Lord’s debut 2nd century last week, Conway, who naturally participated in test cricket, was happy to rely on existing protocols.

“It happened at a tricky time … I wasn’t 100% sure if it would be carried, so I nicked it and looked back,” he said of the incident.

“I stood there to see if the referee would let me go. Fortunately, the decision went my way. I think it bounced off in front of the field, and another chance. I’m glad there was.

“We have the technology to prove if everyone catches it, or if it’s missing, if we have it, why not use that technology?”

The frustration of Broad’s refusal is the only small scar on the day he comfortably chose the bowler, dodging West Indies’ great Courtney Walsh to stand alone as the sixth-highest wicket taker in test history. I was able to.

He eventually moved Tom Latham and Conway to a career scalp of 520, which may deserve more than a 2 figure of 22 from a 15 luxury over.

“He was great, he bowled nicely well, really put in a shift all the time and showed the way for others.”

Lawrence started the day by finishing 81 and prevented him from making a century, but later stepped up to take the maiden’s test wickets instead.

“It was a real bonus ticket gate,” Lewis added.

“It makes our lives a little easier and gives us a fresh person.”

England is not impressed with the decision to exclude early ticket gates – John Lewis

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