England: Gareth Southgate criticizes Hungary for “abnormally disjointed performance”

Gareth Southgate We will ponder the “abnormally disjointed performance” against Hungary and ensure that England does it right and concludes next month’s World Cup qualifiers.

A home match with Albania and a trip to Minnow San Marino are all that remains for Group I leaders on the road to Qatar, and the undefeated Three Lions hold a three-point cushion against their closest rival Poland. I am.

The fact that some bookmakers price 1/1000 at the top of the pool underscores the feeling that something amazing is needed to qualify, but it’s mild on Tuesday. The performance was amazing.

A month after winning 4-0 in Budapest, England canceled Roland Sallai’s penalty with a 1-1 draw injured by fan violence and racist arrests, leaving England Wembley. I sweated.

Euro 2020 stars Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling on Tuesday were below par performers, but Southgate isn’t sure if they’ve had a hangover since the summer and failed to reach club level.

“That is, it’s easy to guess, but I think each individual is different,” said the English boss.

“I thought it was only one of the nights that the start didn’t go well. I was a little more comfortable with the game because I wasn’t in contact with them under pressure.

“We gave an unnecessary pass, which led to a counterattack that gave you the feeling of being stretched, even if it didn’t create a really clear opportunity.

“We just thought it was an unusually disjointed performance that we had to walk away, take a closer look and make sure we got it right next month.”

It was the struggle in England that Southgate made an eye-catching decision to replace Captain Kane and Sterling in search of a winner in the second half.

When asked about the takeoff of Tottenham striker Kane, who hasn’t scored a Premier League goal this season, he said, “I don’t think he played as well as the team with the ball.”

“In the end, I felt I needed to refresh it and put a fresh foot in the game to give it another problem.

“If you remove one of our forward players, of course they are big players, so I think they will always have a story.

“But we need a team that can do that, otherwise we won’t make any progress.

“I felt that was right at the time, but we were all responsible for the performance, so I don’t think it really serves our purpose to select any player tonight.”

Southgate also changed the system, saying it “wanted to disperse the sparks,” but the move to wingback only succeeded in curbing Hungary’s counterattack rather than boosting the attack.

Overall, the night display where the attack-oriented 4-3-3 starting lineup looked exciting on paper was inadequate.

“I think we play a lot of 4-3-3, but probably because the profile for number 8 is different, we wanted to see something a little different,” Southgate added.

“Anyway, I knew I had to break through the packed defenses because I didn’t have Kalvin Phillips, an important part of that midfield.

“So I don’t know if it was the player’s profile that really matters in that they couldn’t be disassembled.

“But we weren’t playing with the same liquidity and individual level of performance that we really appreciate and expect, and we have to be honest about it as a group. think.”

England: Gareth Southgate criticizes Hungary for “abnormally disjointed performance”

Source link England: Gareth Southgate criticizes Hungary for “abnormally disjointed performance”

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