Emotional tribute to Molly Meldrum’s “best friend” Michael Gudinski

Kylie Minogue- ‘Michael Gudinsky-Legend. Legacy. Love. Titan in the music industry. For me, it’s an eternal family like no other. My heart is broken and I can’t believe he’s gone. Irreplaceable, unforgettable, I always love you “Big G”.

Dannii Minogue -Michael Gudinsky’s music and love and passion for his family is unmatched. I am forever grateful that he gave me the opportunity to release my first single and album, and the journey that has guided me over the years. He has always supported me, and I will never forget it. Surrounded by music and the joy it brings, there are many beautiful moments to cherish spending time with Michael and his family.Loss feels forever, but his legacy lives forever

Bruce Springsteen -‘My friend Michael Gudinsky was a musician first, last, and always. I have toured the world for the last 50 years and have never met any more promoters. Michael was always talking deeply, and words spilled about half the time I needed an interpreter. But when he said, “Blues, I covered you,” I heard him clearly like a bell. And he always did. He was always loud, always moving, intentionally (and unintentionally) cheerful and deeply soulful. Every time he steps into Australia, he is remembered by artists around the world, including this one. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to his wife and partner Sue and the entire Gudinsky family he was very proud of.

Russell Crowe -‘RIP Michael Gudinsky. It seems almost impossible. A figure towering over Australia’s cultural landscape. I don’t know if we agreed with anything, except probably @edsheeran. Still, we haven’t stopped being friends for 30 years. I will miss him deeply. My love for his family. “

Richard Wilkins -‘The largest tree in the forest has fallen. What a catastrophic loss! I love Sue, Kate, Matt, and everything. MG RIP x’

Jimmy Barnes -‘Today, the heart of Australian music has been stripped away. I felt it, my family felt it, the music industry felt it, the world felt it. Michael Gudinsky was not only that heart, but also a friend of mine.

David campbell -‘This is really catastrophic news. Not only for the music industry he built almost with one hand, but for his family he loved. Giant. ‘

Carry Bigmore -‘I’m very sad to hear that Michael Gudinsky has died. A giant in the music industry and a great companion to many of us. He goes into every room and every conversation with energy and passion, thinking of Sue and his family, whom he loved so much today.

Maif Warhurst -‘I was very shocked to hear about Michael Gudinsky’s death. Very lively with such characters. What an extraordinary legacy he left behind. Condolences to his family. “

Jim Jefferies -‘I learned that my friend Michael Gudinsky has died. Michael advertised my tour in Australia. I’ve never met someone like Michael who went into a room and was full. I miss his existence. A true heretic is a real heretic. My heart is directed at his family. “

Sam neill -‘The saddest day. #MichaelGudinski, an Australian lion, was recorded, played live and died last night, as far as everyone remembers. The most beautiful companion. Interesting, kind and generous. He gave a lot, he didn’t get tired. Michael, we mourn for you. ”

M Rastiano -‘Thank you for your efforts in the live performance. Personally, thank you for participating in my ridiculous idea and realizing the show I wanted to make. Frequently go MG’

JTo Stevens -“Thank you for the music #michaelgudinski.”

Marsha Hines -‘Michael Gudinsky’s death shocked me. He was a true pioneer in the music industry and believed in the development of me and many other artists. His friendship was endless. He was a genuine original and could not be exchanged. #RIP Thank you. “

Ben Lee -‘Michael Gudinsky was a force of nature. Hi, great love for friends. ”

Tim Blackwell -‘RIP Michael Gudinsky. An industry giant I was lucky enough to see a job on a full flight. Love his family in this incredibly difficult time. ”

Anthony Albanese -‘I was shocked and saddened to hear about Michael Gudinsky’s death. We attended the Oils gig in Sydney on Thursday. It’s hard to think of someone who has done more for Australian music than Michael. Vale. “

Lee sales -‘I’m very sad to know Michael Gudinsky’s death. There was no better champion of Australian music. He was also a big supporter of ABC and a source of true encouragement. A true legend. “

Illy -‘RIP Michael Gudinsky. One of the most influential people in Australian music history. He has always supported the artist (in my case, that meant a lot even after leaving his company) and is one of the loudest champions in the local music community. One of one. Love for his family today. “

Anthony’Lefmo’Lehmann -‘I was shocked by the death of Michael Gudinsky. An industry giant with an outstanding love, support and promotion for Australian music. It was always a pleasure to be in his company. The idea is in his family and friends #RIP.

Michael Roland -‘I am overwhelmed by the sudden death of Michael Gudinsk. He was a true champion of Australian music and ABC. This was behind the scenes after the Oils gig in Sydney on Thursday night. Michael was his typical noisy, funny self. He was always very well. Sleep peacefully, my friend. “

Hilltop Hoods -‘Michael Gudinski has done a lot, especially for the people of the music industry and the people of Australia over the last two years. Our idea is with his friends and family. Very sad news. ”

Emotional tribute to Molly Meldrum’s “best friend” Michael Gudinski

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