Emotional Health Issues in Students and Ways to Tackle Them

Why Good Emotional Health is Crucial to Academic Success

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Experiencing negative emotions is not a bad thing to observe when you are studying at a college or university. Students in different educational institutions undergo different stressful situations. It’s normal for them to feel lonely, hopeless, and anxious at different times. However, such conditions should not remain persistent. If you allow yourself to remain unhappy all the time, it will badly affect your quality of life.

If you feel bad all the time and have no positive feeling left, then it’s time to talk about your emotional wellbeing. Such problems can cause further damage to physical health if left unattended. The good news is that you can get rid of emotional problems by working on them with little dedication.

Emotional health is of great importance especially for students studying in schools, colleges, and universities. They can’t perform well in their studies without feeling perfectly well.

In this article, you will explore some common emotional problems that today’s students go through. Let’s check out these common ailments and how to deal with them effectively!


Many students experience loneliness even when they are among their classmates. It’s a feeling inside your mind and probably has nothing to do with what’s happening around. A student who is away from his household and family can feel alone initially. However, he should be able to overcome his feeling of lonesomeness with time.

Not just new students, but many older students coming from other educational institutions are also likely to feel alone when they don’t see their old buddies in the new classroom. Likewise, students who come from other countries and states are likely to miss their lands.  It’s a natural phenomenon.  Human beings feel lonely when they don’t feel connected.

Some students never allow new people around to be a part of their lives. This causes them to stay lonely for the entire academic term.

How to Tackle Loneliness

Are you feeling alone amid the crowd?

Fear not, you can surely come out of the state of loneliness. Try the following quick remedies:


Anxiety is one of the biggest culprits behind a students’ bad mental wellbeing. This is an emotional problem that every other student experiences at different stages of an academic career.

There could be several reasons behind anxiety disorders in students. The most important factor is rising demands of professors and pending university assignments. A trustworthy essay writing service UK can complete all homework tasks professionally. So, you don’t have to worry about your lack of abilities or looming deadlines.

Sometimes pressure from family and financial stress also cause anxiety disorders. Students often try to handle multiple things simultaneously. They become a victim of apprehension when not able to meet expectations of others. Fear of failure makes them feel terrified.

Anxiety can be beneficial if you handle it productively. If you are anxious over your upcoming test at college or university, then it can help you prepare well for the test.

On the contrary, anxiety is a silent killer if it creates hurdles and disruptions. You might not be able to focus due to fear. Some of the most common types of anxiety include social phobia, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and general anxiety disorder.

Ways to Tackle Anxiety

Let’s check out a few important techniques that you can follow to cope with anxiety and stress.

A few other helpful things that you can do to manage stress and anxiety include maintaining an optimistic attitude, cracking jokes, working out, avoiding stress triggers, and talking to your loved ones.


Depression is another common cause of bad mental health in students. A large number of people studying in different schools, colleges, and universities have to suffer from depression at different stages throughout their academic journey.

Those who continuously feel hopeless tend to be depressed. They don’t see any positivity in anything. Depression can be the result of a specific situation. If a student is feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of study, he is likely to be depressed.

If a person doesn’t have enough funds to meet his financial requirements, depression will be on his way. Some people face different issues in life such as relationship problems, work stress, and losing a job. These circumstances cause them to feel sad.

A few other common reasons behind depression are feeling overweight, hearing bad remarks from professors, and losing someone special. Depression can trouble your life if you don’t take necessary actions timely.

Symptoms of Depression

Those who become victims of this mental problem can’t sleep well, eat well, and lose their interest in life. Other prominent symptoms include feeling empty, restlessness, suicide thoughts, headache, body aches, digestive disorder, worthlessness, loss of appetite.

Likewise, depression can be detrimental to your educational success. It’s vital to tackle this disease so that you can enjoy life like other normal people.

Ways to Tackle Depression

Thanks to health experts, solutions to all mental health problems are available. You can bring yourself back to life just by adopting a healthy routine. Here are some of the most beneficial ways to kill depression.

There could be several other ways that you can adopt to save yourself from depression. Just explore yourself and find out things that can help you come out of hopelessness.

A few other notable things you can do to tackle depression include spending time in nature, spending time with your loved ones, adding new stuff to your room, buying new clothes, setting feasible goals, and helping people in the neighborhood.

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