Emmerdale’s Rebecca Sarker “breaks records” in a family setup at the request of her son.

when understood! Caught up Emmerdale Star Rebecca Circer, We were keen to quiz her in her dramatic Christmas scene, playing her sister Manpreet Sharma, who killed Mina Jutra () Page Sandu).

It’s a storyline that draws Soapster to the public’s attention. Manprit is at risk of provoking Mina on Emmerdale’s Christmas Day..

However, while Rebecca was keen to keep her life private, she was keen to keep a record of her beloved children.

“I need to correct the record. I have two sons!” She told us.

She went on to explain that the 15-year-old was eager to talk about him.

OK and Rebecca!Exclusive shooting with her co-star and friend Page

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She explained: “I love the fact that my youngest is 10 years old and my brother (now 15 years old) isn’t mentioned. My eldest son always wants everyone to remind me that I have two boys. I think.”

The two mothers then revealed: I will make you big on every occasion. He is a black belt in karate, plays the guitar and is very handsome. “

Rebecca at Etihad Stadium watching Soccer Aid with “My Boy”

Previously starring actress Coronation Street, Posted some nice snapshots of “her boy” on social media.

This year it’s packed tightly for Rebecca on the screen. Still, postings on social media revealed her amazing 6 packs and active lifestyle, so somehow she was able to find time to keep herself impressively healthy. rice field.

Rebecca stays healthy and enjoys doing her stunts with soap

Rebecca also said she was doing her stunts in Emmerdale, and this made her Praise “The Most Suitable Female on TV” in the Super Soap Week scene..

But I’m talking OK! Rebecca reveals that 2022 wants to “leave homeschooling” and that life wants to “see more of the same when it comes to work.” I love exploring Manpret characters and hope it continues. “

Pay attention to Emmerdale and see if she survives her sister Mina’s Christmas drama!

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Emmerdale's Rebecca Sarker "breaks records" in a family setup at the request of her son.

Source link Emmerdale's Rebecca Sarker "breaks records" in a family setup at the request of her son.

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