Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley praises ‘strong’ Kate Garaway after emotional doc

Kate Garaway released her documentary Caring For Derek and paid homage to the last look of the presenter to her husband’s battle with the aftermath of Covid-19.

Derek contracted Covid in 2020 and is left with a number of health problems after spending a year in hospital before returning to the family home in April 2021.

Last year, Kate made the documentary Finding Derek.which gave viewers an insight into his ongoing health battles and received widespread acclaim from critics for the film.

Now on Good morning Great Britain the presenter appeared in a follow-up program Caring For Derek, which tracks her husband and family while Derek receives round-the-clock care in his ongoing recovery.

In an emotional scene, the couple’s two children, Darcy, 15, and Billy, 12, are seen throwing their arms around their father as he walks through the front door, arriving home after more than a year in hospital.

Viewers praise Kate Garaway’s new ITV Caring For Derek documentary

Lisa Riley of Emmerdale praised Kate Garway’s new documentary

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The documentary also covers the family’s first holiday season at home together before Derek’s illness in 2019, which Kate recently described as “the greatest gift.”

Celebrities and fans praised the latest information about Derek’s ongoing health battle on social media while watching the emotional show on ITV.

Emerdale actress Lisa Riley shared an emotional message on Twitter, writing: “Wow @kategarraway @itv YOU …… .your family, strength beyond strength. #CaringForDerek you see even the smallest changes, they keep you ahead. The love you have for each other. They broke the mold when they did … the world NEEDS MORE KATE GARWAY #power # love # hope ”.

Coronation StreetTony Maudsley wrote: “2 minutes to #KateGarrawayCaringForDerek and I’m crying like a baby. What an amazing family they are. ”

Kate Garaway: Caring for Derek Viewers burst into tears during the family’s powerful documentary on Tuesday night

Homes Under The Hammer host Lucy Alexander wrote: “So much of it touched me after dealing with the trauma in my own family. Relying on friends like @benshephard to show up for a cup is priceless. @kategarraway understood this. Love to all of you. Thank you for sharing.”

Actress Samantha Giles added: “I’ve never wished for a miracle for anyone more than @kategarraway and her family #CaringForDerek. Such incredible courage from all of them xxx”

Meanwhile, a fan added: “I care and I know how difficult it is. This shows you exactly what it is. I can get away from it for hours when I get home. Kate is doing a fantastic job.

Caring For Derek follows Kate Garaway’s wife, Derek, after he returns to hospital after more than a year

Before launching the program, Kate revealed details of the upcoming documentary on Instagramwhere she explained how she “thought long and hard to let the cameras back into our lives,” but wanted to “shed light” on issues that affect others.

The GMB presenter said: “# Tonight on @itv at 21:00 #CaringforDerek is broadcasting. I thought long and hard about whether to let cameras in our lives again, because as with the first #FindingDerek, I wanted it to offer more than just sharing what my family went through.

“I also wanted to shed light on issues that I know affect all of you. Please, this gives hope to everyone who struggles with everything that life has to offer. The protagonists of this documentary are nurses, doctors and nurses who give Derek a chance to even try to recover. ”

“I congratulate the caregivers everywhere who are fighting for their loved ones. Tell me what you think, “she added.

Derek’s care is now available at ITV Hub.

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Emmerdale's Lisa Riley praises 'strong' Kate Garaway after emotional doc

Source link Emmerdale's Lisa Riley praises 'strong' Kate Garaway after emotional doc

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