Emmerdale’s Danny Miller cries when she decides to leave after shooting the final scene

Danny Miller Addressed his exit from Emmerdale Thirteen years later with a very emotional video shared on social media after his last scene on the ITV Thorpe aired on Monday, December 6th.

Danny currently participating I am a celebrityHe explained that leaving soap was a “very difficult decision” and thanked all his co-stars and crew for their long-standing support.

Actor Danny (30 years old) is in the castle His fiance steph jones Runs his Instagram page and she shared a heartfelt video on Monday, December 6th.

Steph wrote with the video: “As you may know, Danny made a life-changing decision this year, but the biggest decision he made was to leave Emmerdale.”

Danny overcame emotions while dealing with his departure from Emmerdale

“For the past 13 years, Emmerdale has been like Danny’s second home. We all grew up with Aaron and felt crying, laughing, his broken heart and sadness. Danny is the show’s toughest story. I drew some of them, so please agree that he made them justice. “

“The cast and crew have become like Danny’s second family. As you can see in the video, he can’t thank them enough, but most importantly, he’s a fan of Aaron. I would like to thank Danny and Aaron for sharing all these years of travel, and shortly after the show Danny came back to the screen and did what he liked best. I hope you can see it, “Steff wrote further.

The actor’s fiancée closed the caption with “Goodbye Aaron Dingle for now”.

At the beginning of the clip, Danny said it was “Aaron’s rap” as his voice began to break.

Danny Miller described Emmerdale's cast and crew as follows: "wonderful"
Danny Miller described Emmerdale’s cast and crew as “great”

I’m currently participating in I’m A Celeb for 30 years

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Then Danny began to squirt about his Emerdale colleague.

He states: “This cast and crew was great for me. I learned so much so I learned a lot here. I made a lot of lifelong friends. I already miss them.”

Danny discussed his decision to leave and continued: Before being taken to the Welsh castle, I was with my baby for only two weeks, so it was very difficult to make a decision. “

“Steph pretty much forced me to be fair (to go to the show),” Danny joked. “I hope to entertain people there in a different way than to entertain the people of Aaron.”

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Danny played Aaron Dingle in Emerdale for 13 years

Steph and Danny welcomed baby Albert in OctoberKick off a few weeks before I became a celebrity.

Danny’s time at Emmerdale may be over, but he continued to say that people wanted to “see him on their screen in the near future.”

He’s currently participating in I’m A Celeb, but it’s unclear what other 30-year-old TV projects are underway, but whatever the fans do next, ” He said he wanted to have fun.

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Emmerdale's Danny Miller cries when she decides to leave after shooting the final scene

Source link Emmerdale's Danny Miller cries when she decides to leave after shooting the final scene

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