Emmerdale’s Danny Miller and fiancé Steph Jones welcome the baby and share the first photo

Emmerdale Actor Danny Miller and his fiancé Steph Jones welcomed their first child together.

Danny, who used social media to unveil the exciting news of becoming parents, said: .. “

He added a white heart emoji at the end of the caption.

The Instagram post also featured a sweet black-and-white snap of a couple holding a small hand next to the “Hello World” sign.

Danny and midwife Steph Exclusive announcement to OK!What they expected to come back in May..

Emmerdale actor Danny Miller and his fiancé Steph Jones together welcomed their first child

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Their happy news was even more special as they admitted that it took only a few days to start IVF after the couple tried to get pregnant naturally for a year.

And Danny, who plays Aaron Dingle in the ITV soap opera, When he discovered the news, he revealed that he was in the middle of shooting an intense story...

The star was filming a dramatic barn explosion scene of soap earlier this year. It saw Mandy and Paul’s wedding day end in a disaster when Paul was fatally injured in the explosion.

30-year-old Steph said all right! It was the moment she found it and tried to tell Danny. “We did a lot of negative tests, so I didn’t expect it to be positive. I couldn’t believe it.

Danny and Steph have announced exclusively that they expect them to be okay! Return to May

“I tried to quiver and ring Danny, but he didn’t answer because he was on the set.”

30-year-old Danny added: “We were filming the story of a barn explosion. I felt when I saw her call me many times.

“I wondered if she was pregnant or something serious was happening.”

“Usually my phone is in airplane mode, but that day she was sick, had no period, and was about to start IVF, so she was silent.

“I had to send her a text message that I couldn’t speak, but she ring me, but answered with 3 Ns and 4 Es!”

“The next take was long, but fortunately they turned off the camera and said I was going to call my first assistant.

Danny revealed that he was filming an explosive Emerdale scene when Steph told him exciting news.

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“I called Steph, and she was laughing but crying, and I just knew. I was completely shocked because I was with an IVF consultant the day before. I received it. “

Danny added the feelings of the moment: I’m impressed when I think about it now.

“I bought another pregnancy test on my way home. She didn’t have to prove it, but she wanted that moment for us.”

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The two were engaged just a month before they learned of Steph’s pregnancy, and Danny kneeled while enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner in sunny Saint Lucia.

They are planning to tie a knot in the UK next year and their little kids will be part of a big day.

Emmerdale's Danny Miller and fiancé Steph Jones welcome the baby and share the first photo

Source link Emmerdale's Danny Miller and fiancé Steph Jones welcome the baby and share the first photo

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