Emmerdale’s Benstar Simon Lennon says ITV Soap Exit helps him handle OCD

Emmerdale Star Simon Lennon has opened up about his ITV soap exit and how it helps to deal with his OCD.

27-year-old Simon talked about his exit from the ITV hit soap after his character, Ben Tucker was killed this week..

During Thursday’s episode, Ben rushed back to Hop to help unconscious Mina Jutra after an escape near him with the guilty video evidence needed to defeat her.

As a matter of course, Mina took the lead after beating Ben With the oar, I regained the terrible video footage in a chilly scene.

Soap’s favorite revealed that he didn’t mind being killed and moving out of the show. He helps to deal with his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Simon Lennon talks about his ITV soap exit and how it helps his OCD

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He said mirror: “The hardest part of acting is working together, creating a new family, and leaving them.

“But it’s also the beginning of a new adventure, and for me it’s my favorite thing to go to different auditions and not know what’s going to happen next.

“I was suffering from OCD when I was young and receiving treatment. When I am living my daily life and need to escape, I am not feeling well.

“That’s why I’m so excited to go back to the audition world and figure out what’s next.”

Simon elaborated on the symptoms of OCD and continued:

“I always wanted to balance and tap things. I’m pretty academic and my brain handles numbers very fast. I was advised to go to college, but my tendency is Being creative, I declined all offers.

Emmerdale Ben’s Simon character was killed this week following a dramatic scene

“I love acting and it was great to play Ben who has that sympathy.

“But as the viewer saw last night, the poor youth is also great, which ultimately leads to his downfall. I couldn’t ask for a better finale.”

The actor also chatted about his co-star Danny Miller, 30, who is currently entertaining viewers. I’m a celebrity … get me out of here!..

Simon’s character Ben has something to do with Danny’s character, and Simon reveals that I enjoy watching his celebrity co-star.

He states:

“Danny had a very bad pharyngeal reflex and it definitely didn’t help him when eating fermented catfish!”

Simon and Danny had an on-screen relationship with ITV Soap

Danny Miller sewed fans together in his hilarious drama at a dining trial
Simon allows co-star Danny Miller to vote for more trials

If Simon has his way, Danny will face some more challenges as the show continues.

He admits that: “I am also a celebrity!

“I think he will definitely destroy the park and I absolutely support him to win.”

Emmerdale's Benstar Simon Lennon says ITV Soap Exit helps him handle OCD

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